ipega PG-XBX003 Charger Dock with Battery Pack User Manual

ipega PG-XBX003 Charger Dock with Battery Pack


  1. Compatible with XB Series X/S Controller;
  2. Dual Controller charging at the same time, easy to use
  3. With charging indicators. easy to know the charging status while charging.
  4. With charge protective to avoid overcharge;


1. Input voltage: DC 4.8-5.5V2. Input current: 1A3. Charging voltage: DC 3.2V;4. Charging current: ≈250 mA (Single)5. Charging time: 3-4H6. Battery capacity: 1000mAh(Single)

Usage Instruction:

LED working status:

  1. LOGO indicator: Turn on while connecting to power source;
  2. Mode indicator 1/2: Green indicator turned on when power on/ full charged, Red indicator turned on when charging;

Charging function:

1. Connect to XB Console/ other 5V power source (over 1 A) by using USB Cable, the LOGO light will glow white and the mode indicator will glow Green;2. Connect controller to the dock slot 1/2 , mode indicator 1/2 will glow red while charging3. Once the controller is fully charged, the red indicator turns to green and the light will be turned on;4. With charge protective, If the controller is charged abnormally and causes a short-circuit, the LOGO light and the mode indicator will flash, and the work will automatically resume after the short circuit is removed;


1. Please do not store this product in wet or high-temperature areas.2. Don’t knap, beat, drub, pierce, or try to decompose this product, to avoid unnecessary damage to the product.3. Do not charge the Controller near fire or other heat sources;4. Non-professional personnel should not disassemble the product, otherwise, it will not be covered in the after-sales warranty service.

Accessories List:

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