JACQUES LEMANS Sporty Men’s Watch Made of Lightweight Instruction Manual



Hour hand, Stopwatch minute hand, Second hand, Stopwatch second hand, date, Button B, 24 hour hand, Crown, Minute hand Burron A


Crown and button operation

Crown position

N : normal 1 : 1st click 2 : 2nd click
Crown Free Turncounterclockwisefor datechange Time setting
Button A StopwatchStartStopRestart StopwatchStartStopRestart Stopwatchhand positionadjustment(clockwise)
Button B StopwatchResetSplitSplit release StopwatchResetSplitSplit release Stopwatchhandpositionadjustment(counterclockwise)
Batteryindicator(Press morethan 1second) Batteryindicator(Press morethan 1second)

How to set time(1) Pull the crown out to the 2nd click position when the second hand is at the 12 o’clock position.– When the stopwatch is measuring, if the crown is pulled out to the 2nd click position, it will automatically reset the stopwatch hands to “0” position.

(2) Turn the crown to set the hour and minute hands.Take a.m./p.m. into consideration when setting the hour and minute hands to the desired time.– The 24 hour hand moves correspondingly with the hour hand.– When setting the hour hand, check that the 24 hour hand is correctly set.– When setting the minute hand, advance it 4 to 5 minutes ahead of the desired time and then turn it back to the exact time.

(3) Push the crown back to the normal position.

How to set date

(1) Pull the crown out to the 1st click position.

(2) Turn the crown to set the date.-Do not set the date between 9:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m.

(3)Push the crown back to the normal position.Tips : When the date changes during daytime, it happens when a.m./p.m. is wrongly set. Advance the hour hand by 12 hours.

Features of the solar watch

This watch is a solar-powered watch containing a solar cell underneath the dial to convert any form of light into “electrical energy” and store the power in a secondary battery. Unlike conventional quartz watches, this watch does not use a silver oxide battery, thus eliminating the need for battery replacement.

■ Running timeExpected running time from full charge to stoppage will be around 4 months.

■ Over charge prevent functionIf the secondary battery is charged more than predetermined voltage, over charge prevent function is operated to prevent the secondary battery deterioration and breakage.

How to charge and start the watch■ Charging the watchWhen you start the watch or when the energy remaining in the secondary battery is very low, charge it sufficiently by exposing the watch to light.

(1) Expose the watch to sunlight or strong artificial light (of more than 1,000 Lx). When the watch has stopped operating, the second hand will start moving at two-second intervals.– The second hand immediately starts moving at two-second intervals, but the energy stored in the secondary battery is not yet sufficient. If the watch is turned away from the light, it may stop operating. It is not necessary to charge the watch fully. It is important, however, to charge the watch sufficiently, especially in the case of initial charging.

(2) Keep the watch exposed to the light until the second hand moves at one-second intervals.

(3) When the watch is charged after it has completely stopped, set the date and time before wearing the watch.

■ CautionWhen charging the watch, do not place it too close to fluorescent lamp or other light sources as the watch temperature will become extremely high, causing damage to the parts inside the watch.

■ To prevent energy depletion

  • Avoid covering the watch face with your clothing while wearing it.
  • When the watch is not in use, leave it in a brightly lit place for as long as possible.Make sure that the watch temperature does not exceed 50℃

Power depletion warning function

When the energy stored in the secondary battery is reduced to an extremely low level, the second hand starts moving at two-second intervals instead of the normal one-second intervals. In that case, recharge the watch as soon as possible by exposing it to light. Otherwise, the watch may stop operating in about 2 weeks.

Guidelines for charging timeThe below table provides only general guidelines.

(Dial transparency rate is 30%)

Illumination (Lx) Sourceof light Environment A(Approx.Hours) B (*)(Approx.Hours) C(Approx.Hours)
700 Afluorescentlamp Insidetheoffice 18 69
3,000 30W20cm 52 4 15
10,000 Sunlight Cloudy 16 1.5 5
100,000 Fineweather 5.3 0.5 2

Condition A : Time required for full chargeCondition B : Time required for steady operationCondition C : Time required for 1 day’s charge

(*) The values in this column represent the charging times required until the second hand moves constantly at one-second intervals after the watch starts operating with the second hand moving at two-second intervals.

Even if the watch is not charged for the time specified in the column, the second hand may temporarily move at one-second intervals. But it will soon resume moving at two-second intervals; therefore, charge the watch for more than the specified period.

How to use stopwatch function

  • The stopwatch can measure up to 29’59” in one-second increasements.
  • When the measurement reaches 30 minutes, the stopwatch automatically stops counting.

■ Standard measurement

Button A→Button A→Button BStart            Stop            Reset

■ Accumulated elapsed time measurement

Button A→Button A→Button A→Button A→Button BStart            Stop            Reset   ←   Stop            Reset

←Restart and stop of the stopwatch can be repeated by pressing the button A.

■ Split time measurement

Button A→  Button B→  Button B→  Button A→  Button BStart              Split  ←       Split release   Stop              Reset

←Measurement and release of split time can be repeated by pressing the button B.

■ Measurement of two competitors

Button A→  Button B                  →             Button A→Start              Finish time of 1st competitor   2nd competitor finishes

Button B→                                  Button BFinish time of 2nd competitor      Reset

  • The stopwatch second hand is capable of timing 30 minutes. (60 seconds x 30 times)
  • The stopwatch minute hand is capable of timing 30 minutes.
  • Before using the stopwatch, be sure to check that the crown is set at the normal position and that the stopwatch hands are reset to the “0” position.-If the stopwatch hands do not return to the “0” position when the stopwatch is reset to “0”, follow the procedure in “Stopwatch hand position adjustment”.

Stopwatch hand position adjustmentIf the stopwatch hands are not in the “0” position, follow the procedures below to set them.

(1) Pull the crown out to the 2nd click position.– When the stopwatch is measuring, if the crown is pulled out to the 2nd click position, it will be automatically reset.

(2) Press the button A or B to set the stopwatch hands to the “0” position.The movements of the stopwatch minute hand and the stopwatch second hand are interlocked. To set the stopwatch minute hand to the “0” position, continue to move the stopwatch second hand until the stopwatch minute hand reaches the “0” position.– The stopwatch hands move quickly if the button A or B is kept pressed.

(3) Push the crown back to the normal position.

Guidelines for battery indicator

  • Press button B for more than 1 second. The remaining battery capacity is indicated.
  • Status indication is 2 seconds. Then it returns automatically.


Display Powerreserve


Position : 45 seconds

90 daysor more


Position : 40 seconds



Position : 35 seconds

30 daysor less


Before initial operation please remove stopper behind crown.


  • When the watch is underwater or wet, never use the pushers/ bezels, or set the time. Watch cases and metal bracelets should be rinsed thoroughly in fresh water after being in salt water.

3ATM30M(3 BAR)
5ATM50M(5 BAR)
10ATM-20ATM100M-200M(10-20 BAR)


  • Always set the crown in the normal position / Tighten screw-lock crown completely.

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