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Thank you for choosing this JBL product. The JBL CINEMA SB150 powered soundbar speaker system is a complete, integrated sound system that will create an extraordinarily realistic cinema experience in your own living room. The powered soundbar unit can mount on a wall or sit on a shelf and comes complete with all of the cables required to connect it to your TV, your cable/ satellite tuner, and disc player. The wireless subwoofer unit supplies all of your entertainment’s drama and impact and can be placed anywhere without needing to be connected to the soundbar unit.

We’re confident that this JBL system will provide every note of enjoyment that you expect – and when the time comes to purchase additional audio equipment for your home, car or office, you’ll choose JBL products.

This quick-start guide contains all the information you need to set up, connect and adjust your new speaker system. For more in-depth information, please go to our website: www.jbl.com.

Items included



Power Button: The Power button toggles the JBL CINEMA SB150 between ON and Standby. When the JBL CINEMA SB150 is in Standby mode (the LED indicator is amber), press this button to turn the system ON (the button LED indicator turns white).

NOTE: The JBL CINEMA SB150 and wireless subwoofer will switch into standby mode after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Source Button: The Source can be changed by pressing the Source Selection Button. Cycle through options to select your preferred Source in this order: AUX > OPTICAL > AUX. Source button only circles between AUX and optical. Bluetooth source uses Bluetooth button separately.

Volume Up/Down Buttons: Press the ( – ) button to reduce the volume, press the ( + ) button to increase the volume.

Mute Button: Press the mute button to mute the system.

Bluetooth® (BT): The Bluetooth button is used to set the JBL CINEMA SB150 into Bluetooth mode. You can pair the system with Bluetoothenabled devices using this button (see page5).


Power Input AC: Connect the supplied AC power cable to this input.

Aux input (Analog Audio in): You can connect an analog audio device to the CINEMA SB150 by using the supplied 3.5 mm to RCA cable.

Optical (Digital Audio in): If your TV, disc player or cable/satellite tuner has an optical digital output, use the included optical cable to connect it here. Once a Dolby Digital audio stream is sensed by the soundbar, its Dolby Digital decoding becomes active.

USB Port: For software update only.


Wireless Pairing button and LED indicator:

Press this button to initiate wireless pairing between the subwoofer and the soundbar. See Pairing the Units for Wireless Operation,  on page 5, for more information.

  • The LED lights amber continuously when the subwoofer is on and linked to the soundbar.
  • The LED slowly flashes amber when the subwoofer is on and the wireless link is not established between the subwoofer and the soundbar.
  • The LED rapidly flashes amber during the wireless pairing process.

Power Input AC: Connect the supplied AC power cable to this input.


The following command buttons are included with the remote control:1. Power on/Standby2. Bluetooth3. Aux-In (Analog)4. Optical (Digital)5. Audio Feedback6. Mute7. Volume +/8. Bass Volume +/9. Movie EQ10. Music EQ11. News EQ

Power on/Standby: To bring the JBL CINEMA SB150 to operational mode from Standby mode, press the Power button (Power indicator is off after product is on. Only corresponding indicator of active source lights up for a few seconds). To put the system in the Standby mode, press the power button while the system is switched ON (the power indicator on the JBL CINEMA SB150 will turn amber). If you do not press the Power button, the JBL CINEMA SB150 will automatically go into Standby mode approximately 10 minutes after the audio input signal stops.

Bluetooth: This button is used to set the soundbar into Bluetooth mode. It is also the same button that will be used to pair your system with Bluetooth-enabled devices. Use a Short Press to switch to Bluetooth source. Press and hold to make the unit go into pairing mode.

NOTE: JBL CINEMA SB150’s Bluetooth device name is CINEMA SB150.

Aux-In (Analog): Press this button to select an Analog source.

Optical (Digital): Press this button to select a Digital source.

Audio Feedback: The Audio Feedback button on the remote control enables/disables audio feedback. When enabled, this feature will add an audible tone to help you recognize when these other features are engaged:

  1. Bluetooth
  2. Audio feedback on/off

When Audio Feedback is disabled, you will not hear any audible tone when using these functions.Mute: Press the mute button to mute the sound, press the mute button again or any Volume button to release the mute control.

Volume +/-: Press the “+” button to increase volume; press the “–” button to decrease volume.Bass Volume +/-: The Bass +/- buttons on the remote control increase and decrease the bass levels.Movie EQ: Use this button to switch sound setting of system into Movie EQ.Music EQ: Use this button to switch sound setting of system into Music EQ.News EQ: Use this button to switch sound setting of system into News EQ.


Placing the soundbar on a table

If your TV is placed on a table, you can place the soundbar on the table directly in front of the TV stand, centered with the TV screen. As long as the surface of the table is flat, the soundbar will rest on its metal feet.

Wall-mounting the soundbar

If your TV is attached to a wall, you can use the included wall-mount bracket to mount the soundbar on the wall.

Subwoofer placement

The performance of a subwoofer is directly related to its placement in the listening room and its physical position relative to the other speakers in the system. While it is true that, in general, our ears do not hear directional sounds at the low frequencies where subwoofers operate, remember that – when installing a subwoofer within the limited confines of a room – the reflections, standing waves and absorptions generated within the room will strongly influence the subwoofer system’s overall performance. As a result, the specific location of the subwoofer in the room becomes important to the amount and quality of bass that is produced.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the subwoofer’s rear panel is at least 150 mm or 6” away from the wall to allow  for proper operation.

You may place wireless subwoofer in the positions as represented in the above figure.

  • Placing it in a corner that is position (1) will maximize the amount of bass in the room. However, corner placement can also increase the destructive effect of the standing waves on bass performance. This effect can vary depending on the listening position – some listening positions may yield very good results while others may have too much (or too little) bass at certain frequencies.
  • Placing the subwoofer along the same plane as the soundbar – position (2) – can produce the best integration between the sound of the subwoofer and the soundbase. In some rooms, the best performance can be resulted by placing the subwoofer behind the listening position (3).

You can experiment with subwoofer placement by temporarily placing the subwoofer in the listening position and playing music with strong bass content. Move it to various locations in the room while the system is playing until you determine where the location of the best bass performance occurs. Place the subwoofer in that location.


Turning the JBL CINEMA SB150 ON and OFF

First, make certain that the rear panel power switch is turned ON. Then, short press the JBL CINEMA SB150’s Power button either on the soundbar or the remote. To put the JBL CINEMA SB150 into Standby manually, short press the Power button either on the soundbar or the remote again.

Auto turn-off: The JBL CINEMA SB150 will automatically enter into Standby mode if no audio signal is detected at any of its source input connections for approximately 10 minutes.

Turning the subwoofer ON and OFFOnce the subwoofer and soundbar have been paired (see Pairing the Units for  Wireless Operation, below) the subwoofer will turn on when the soundbar turns on and will remain on for approximately one minute after the soundbar enters the Standby mode, or for approximately 10 minutes after the audio signal ceases.

Pairing the Subwoofer to the soundbar

To pair the units, press the pairing button on subwoofer for more than 3 seconds to pair the subwoofer to the soundbar (Ensure the soundbar is in STANDBY mode). The unites will connect to each other.

NOTE: The maximum wireless operating distance between the soundbar and subwoofer is approximately 50 feet (15.3m).

Operating through Bluetooth®

To wirelessly stream audio to the soundbar from a Bluetooth-enabled device:

  1. Confirm that the JBL CINEMA SB150 is in the Bluetooth pairing mode (the Bluetooth button LED will be flashing blue). If the LED is not flashing blue, press and hold the Bluetooth button until its LED starts flashing blue.
  2. Place your Bluetooth-streaming device in pairing mode.
  3. Use your device’s Bluetooth-pairing menu to pair it with the JBL CINEMA  SB150. The system will appear as “JBL SB150” in the list of Bluetooth available devices. When the JBL CINEMA SB150’s Bluetooth button LED illuminates constantly, it is paired with your device and you can stream audio via Bluetooth from the device to the JBL CINEMA SB150.

To listen to audio from the Bluetooth device, press the Bluetooth source button on the JBL CINEMA SB150 or remote to activate the source.To disconnect the Bluetooth device, press and hold the JBL CINEMA SB150’s Bluetooth button until the LED begins flashing.


  • You can manually switch sources to the paired Bluetooth device by pressing the JBL CINEMA SB150’s Bluetooth button.
  • If you switch the JBL CINEMA SB150 to a different source while a paired Bluetooth device is streaming to the system, the JBL CINEMA SB150 will send a STOP command and the Bluetooth device will stop streaming.
  • While pairing the Bluetooth device for the first time, it may reset the volume level to maximum.

Adjusting the System Volume

For the best sound, we recommend turning your TV’s built-in speakers off. Consult your TV’s owner’s manual to find out how to do this. If there is no way to turn your TV’s speakers off, you can adjust the TV’s volume so that your JBL CINEMA SB150 system will always supply most of the sound:

  1. Using the volume buttons on your TV, turn its volume all the way down.
  2. Use the JBL CINEMA SB150’s Volume Up/Down buttons to set the sound to a comfortable listening level. This way, your JBL CINEMA SB150 system should always be louder than your TV speakers.

IMPORTANT: If you play the JBL CINEMA SB150 at more than 50% of max volume it will automatically reset at 80% of the max volume when it is turned off using either the power button or the auto turn-off function.

EQ ButtonPress the remote’s EQ buttons to switch the sound between Music, Movie and  News providing a complete listening experience.


If your JBL CINEMA SB150 system does not perform the way you think it should check whether the problem is covered in this section before contacting your dealer or a JBL representative.


  • Frequency response: 45Hz – 20kHz
  • Maximum SPL: 96dB
  • Total Cinema SB150 amplifier power: 150W
  • Dolby® Digital Decoding
  • Bluetooth® connectivity
  • One stereo analog-audio input
  • One optical digital input
  • One USB port for software update
  • Dimensions: Soundbar (L x W x H): 31.5″ x 3.5″ x 2.5″ (801 x 92 x 65.5mm)Weight: 3.3 lb (1.5kg) Subwoofer (L x W x H): 4.7″ x 11.8″ x 16.1″ (120 x 300 x 409mm)Weight: 9.2 lb (4.2kg)

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