Johan Lewis Bethany 6 Light Chandelier User Manual

Johan Lewis Bethany 6 Light Chandelier


Thank you for buying this Bethany chandelier. Please read the instructions and warnings carefully before use to ensure safe and satisfactory operation of this product.

This product is Class IIWarnings

  • It is recommended that this fitting is installed by a qualified electrician.
  • This fitting should be fitted in accordance with IEE Wiring Regulations and the Building Regulations.
  • To prevent electrocution switch off at the mains supply before installing or maintaining this fitting. Ensure other persons cannot restore the electricity supply without your knowledge.
  • If you are in doubt please consult a qualified electrician.
  • To avoid damage to concealed wiring during installation, establish the direction of the supply cable before drilling fixing holes.
  • This fitting should be fitted to a lighting supply with protected 5 amp fuse or equivalent circuit breaker.
  • Always be sure to use the correct type and wattage of bulbs as indicated on the fitting. Never exceed the wattage stated.
  • When changing the bulb, always switch off at the mains and allow the old bulb to cool down before handling. Dispose of used bulbs carefully.
Assembly – This item is supplied KD to reduce packaging waste

Carefully pull the cable through the ceiling cup until the stem meets the centre body. Carefully screw the stem into the main body ensuring that it is tight.Instructions for use

  1.  Ensure the house electricity supply is off at the fuse board.
  2. If you are fitting this product in place of an existing fitting, you may find that there are more than 3 sets of cables connected within the rose. Before removing existing rose, carefully note position of each set of cables. If there are loop in cables that are not connected to the light these must be terminated in a separate terminal block away from the fitting.
  3. Chain links may be adjusted to reduce the height of the fitting. Using two pairs of pliers, carefully open the chain links and remove the required number of links. Close the links. Note: Cloth should be used between the jaws of the pliers to protect the decorative finish. Pull any excess cable through the ceiling cup; making sure the chain is supporting the weight of the fitting and not the cable.
  4. Remove mounting bracket from the ceiling cup and retain screws for later. Using mounting bracket as a template, mark and then drill the fixing holes in the ceiling (ensure holes are drilled into a secure joist). Take care not to damage wiring.
  5. Attach the mounting bracket onto the ceiling using suitable screws. Make sure no wires are trapped in the process.
  6. Lift the fitting close to supply cable and then make the electrical connections as follows:Connect supply live (normally brown or red) to fitting live (marked “L”) on the terminal block.Connect supply neutral (normally blue or black) to fitting neutral (marked “N”) on the terminal block.Please note: No earth should be connected to any part of this fitting. If any earth wires are present please terminate these in a separate terminal block (not supplied) to ensure that continuity is maintained for the household earth circuit.Ensure electrical connections are tight and no loose strands of wire are left out of connector block and that the rubber sleeve is correctly located and covering the supply cable.
  7. Offer fitting over mounting bracket and secure fitting into position with the screws removed earlier. Take care not to trap wires in the process.
  8. Fit the Sconces (B), droppers (C and D) and chains (A, G and F) as detailed in the diagram overleaf, Fit the candle drips over the lamp holders.
  9. Fit the bottom sconce to the body of the fitting, remove the finial and shaped washer and then place the sconce over the base. Secure the sconce in position using the finial and shaped washe removed earlier. Fit the final long dropper (E) in position on the finial.
  10. Fit the bulbs, type and wattage as indicated on the fitting. The wattage indicated must not be exceeded.
  11. Switch on the electricity supply at the fuse board.

Please retain this information leaflet for future reference


This fitting is designed for internal use only Do not use polish or an abrasive cleaner – just a soft dry cloth.


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