JOHN LEWIS Lucca 3lt Spotlight User Manual

JOHN LEWIS Lucca 3lt Spotlight

Thank you for purchasing this Lucca 3lt spot light. Please read the instructions carefully before use to ensure safe and satisfactory operation of this product.


This is a Class 1 product and must be earthed

Please read these instructions carefully before commencing any work. It is recommended that this fitting is installed by a qualified electrician. Install in accordance with the IEE Wiring regulations and the Building Regulations.To prevent electric shock switch off at mains supply before installing or maintaining this fitting.Ensure other persons cannot restore the electrical supply without your knowledge.This light fitting should be connected to a 5 amp fused circuit.If replacing an existing fitting, make a note of the connections.This product is suitable for installation on surfaces with normal flammability e.g. wood, masonry. It is not suitable for use on highly flammable surfaces (e.g. polystyrene, textiles). The light must not be positioned any closer than 0.3m (30cm) to the illuminated surface.For your safety, always switch off the supply before cleaning or adjusting.If you are in any doubt, please consult a qualified electrician.

This product has special protection against the ingress of moisture and is IP44 rated. This product is suitable for use in Zone 1, Zone 2, and outside Zones of a bathroom. See diagram. If installing in a bathroom a 30mA RCD must be used in accordance with IEE Wiring Regulations and the Building Regulations.

The glass shades must be replaced if they become cracked or damaged. Do not use product without glass shades attached.

Parts List

Light Fitting




Wall Plugs



Refer to assembly drawing opposite. Carefully unpack the carton, making sure all the parts are present before assembly.

Step 1Before removing the existing fitting, carefully note the position of each set of wires. Where a ring/loop circuit exists there will be a fourth set of wires (usually red) that are not connected to the L, N, or E. of the fitting. This circuit must be kept together in the 4th terminal of the connection block, and insulated from the fitting and the other wires. The ring/loop will remain live unless isolated at the mains or circuit breaker regardless of the position of the wall switch.

Step 2Remove the fixing bracket (A) from the ceiling cover by removing the side screws (B). See Fig. 1.

Step 3Attach to the ceiling using the screws provided. Refer to Fig. 2. Ensure there is a joist at the point of fixing to support the weight of the product. Take care to avoid damaging any concealed wiring and pipes.

Step 4Having identified the household wiring from your existing light fitting, connect to the connection block inside the product in the following way:

Check that…..You have correctly identified the house wires.The connections are tight.No loose strands have been left out of the connection block.The lid is fitted back onto the terminal block

Step 5Referring back to Figure 1, reattach the product to the fixing strap.This product has “L” shaped fixing slots to allow easy fixing to the ceiling strap. Locate the “L” slots (C) around the small screws (B) on the ceiling strap (A). Rotate the ceiling cover to attach the product to the strap. Tighten the screws to secure. Take care not to trap any wiring.

Step 6See Fig. 3. Screw clear glass shade (B) on to the lamp holder (A).Ensure the shade is fully tightened. Fit the bulb (C) as listed overleaf, then place rubber washer (D) over bulb and screw on small shade (E). Ensure both shades are properly seated to form a watertight seal. Do not overtighten either of the shades.The glass shades must be replaced if they become cracked or damaged. Do not use product without the glass shades attached. This is the symbol that denotes this requirement:

Step 7Replace fuse or circuit breaker and switch on. Your light is now ready for use.

Care Instructions

We recommend cleaning with a soft dry cloth. Do not use abrasive materials as these will damage the finish.

Recommended bulb

3 x 5-7W LED Energy efficient G9

When changing a bulb, always switch off at the mains and allow the bulb to cool before handling.

Dispose of used bulbs carefully. Do not exceed the wattage stated or use a different shape bulb from that indicated on the fitting. Use a cloth when handling bulbs as contact with bare hands will reduce the bulb life. Some energy saving bulbs are not suitable for use with a dimmer switch.


Maximum Power:   3 x 4WVoltage:                   240V, 50HzIP Rating:               IP44Weight:                   0.96kg

Please keep these instructions for future reference.

This symbol indicates that this product should not be treated as normal household waste and it should be recycled. John Lewis do not operate instore take back, but as members of the Distributor Trade Back scheme have funded the development and upgrade of recycling facilities across the UK. Please take it to your nearest collection facility or for further details contact your local council or visit

We have taken great care to ensure that this product reaches you in perfect condition.However, should any parts be damaged or missing please contact our Product Helpline on (01202) 690945.

John Lewis Partnership171 Victoria StreetLondon SW1E


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