KAHUNA SM7300S Massage Chair User Manual

KAHUNA SM7300S Massage Chair User Manual

Please read and follow all safety and operating instructions listed in this user manual prior to use. Basic precautions should always be used when operating an electrical appliance.

Please keep this manual in a safe place for future reference.

Note We reserve the right for design modification. It is subject to change without notice. The pictures in this manual are only for reference. Please refer to the actual product.


LCD display graphic description

Press “on/off” button when chair power is on, a buzzer beeps once short it. LCD screen display boot screen, after 2-3 seconds it displays the main interface and enter standby mode. Main interface show massage position, method, time, heating current massage status etc., all information will be updated timely when the chair start working.

Press the “menu” button to enter the main interface, it will switch to the menu interface, user can set all massage function. Press the “menu” button in the menu interface will exit and return to the main menu interface.

Auto massage press the “menu” button, the cursor stop on auto can choose the auto massage mode, and also there are five massage program menu item by default, and 4 special programs.

Manual press “menu” key, select manual massage by the navigation key, press the “ok” button, there are four options: mode, position, width adjustment, speed adjustment: select the corresponding function, then press the “ok” button to enter the next menu, select the desired massage method, position, width and speed regulating function.

When massage chair in manual fixed point work modes, users can use up/down button to adjust massage position, information for “massage position adjusting⋅⋅⋅” will be show at the bottom of the display screen.

AirThere are two kinds of air pressure related function: Position and Intensity; Choose the corresponding function, then press “ok” to enter next menu and choose required function.

HeatingHealth therapy option. The heating symbol will high light display on the interface. With opening and closing two options on the waist and leg.

LanguagePress “menu” key, select language through the navigation key, then select the preferred language.

StopPress “menu” key, select stop through the navigation key, it will stop massage, and it will turn back to main interface.

RollerThis menu is for foot massage intensity and off option.

TimingTime control menu up to 60 minutes.

After power is on, the first time to use auto program, massage chair will start acupuncture point position detecting, and”acupuncture point tracking •••” will be shown on screen display. After acupuncture point tracking detecting is finished, buzzer will tick 5 times (once every second), meanwhile, the massage machine is located in shoulders position, if user think the position is not proper, press Up and Down to adjust, when adjusting,”acupuncture point adjusting•••” is showing on screen display.



Step1. Power on

  1. Put one end plug of power line into “a” hole.
  2. Please make sure the controller cord to be inserted into hole “b”.
  3. Put power plug to socket.
  4. Turn on the power switch which is on the power box, massage chair is powered.
  5. Press “on/off” on the controller, “DI” beep sound send out, mean while enter into the main display interface.

Step2. Massage

  1. Operate according to controller operation instruction.
  2. When massage stops, massage machine will return to the default position, mean while”shutting down”will be displayed on the controller, controller off after 2-3 seconds.

Step3. Turn off the power

  1. When the chair is on, press on/off button to turn off the massage chair and it will restore automatically.
  2. Turn off the power switch on the bottom of the back of chair after the rollers stay at storage position.
  3. Unplug the power plug from the socket.

  1. Before using, pull up the pillow, back cushion etc. to check if the PU material is broken, if there is damage, please stop using, unplug the chair, and ask for repairment.
  2. Only plug to proper socket.

  1. Before sitting down, make sure there is no things pinched between armrest, legrest, backrest and seat of the chair.
  2. Make sure the chair is in returned position before using.
  3. Do not stand on it when using the massage chair.
Function illustration

Legrest upPress this button on controller, legrest goes up. Release the button, legrest stops moving, the angle is locked in this position.

Legrest downPress this button on controller, Legrest goes down. Release the button, legrest stops moving, the angle is locked in this position.

Legrest up and backrest downPress this button on controller, backrest go down and legrest go up. Release this button, backrest and legrest stop moving, the angle is locked in this position.

Backrest up and legrest downPress this button on controller, backrest goes up and legrest go down. Release this button, backrest and legrest stop moving, the angle is locked in this position.

Zero gravityPress the button”Zero Gravity”, backrest and legrest will go into the zero gravity position. It has 3 levels of zero gravity position, next position will have deeper angle and when you press 4th time it will go back to original ready position.

Legrest extend and retractLegrest can extend or retract within a range of 12 inches.

Arm massagePut arms between arm airbags before the embedded airbags before filled with air. It will preform pinch massage techniques to arms and hands after airbags inflating.

Shoulder massageMulti-layer extrusion airbags is deployed on both sides or the shoulder. Achieve pressure shoulder stretch massage, relieve shoulder fatigue.

Foot roller massageFootrest parts with roller massage and air pressure massage function. Through stimulating the foot reflex zones, and clear the body meridians, regulate and restore human organs function, improve the body resistance and immunity effectively.

  1. Please make sure there are no people, no pets or any stuff within range for backrest to avoid unexpected hurt or property loss.
  2. When adjusting the backrest, be careful the gap between the backrest and armrest.
  3. When the Legrest is moving, please do not stand on or leave from the seat, and do not stop the legrest from moving in case of causing damage to the chair.
  4. Please refer to control instruction for more details.


Restoration of massage chair
  1. Make sure there is no people or pet or anything within the range of backrest and legrest.
  2. Make backrest and legrest restore to the normal position by controller. (or press on/off key to make backrest and legrest restore to the normal position)
  3. Put the remote control back to the pocket after chair gets reset.
  4. Put the pillow pad on to the right position.
  5. Switch off the power.
  6. Unplug the electricity from the socket. (Attention: hold the right plug position)
  7. Clean the chair if necessary.


  • After using, press on/off to end all the massage method and wait for restoration.
  • Make sure to cut the electricity to avoid any unexpected hurt to children or pets.
  • After using, turn off the power, unplug the electricity. Avoid moisture, dirt and aging of insulation in case of causing damage.


Synthetic leather

General cleaningClean with tidy, soft and dry cloth slightly.(Chemical or medical cleaning products are forbidden)

If leather is dirty

  1. Dip soft cloth into 3-5% neutral detergent solution, squeeze it then clean the stain on the surface gently.
  2. Wash cloth, squeeze it and wipe with detergent.
  3. Clean it softly with dry cloth.
  4. Allow to dry (air blower is prohibited)

Cloth material

  1. Dip cloth into weak neutral detergent, squeeze it and clean the material surface. (Diluent, gas, alcohol are prohibited) Brush the dirty parts with weak neutral detergent, (avoid excessive brushing)
  2. Excessive cleaning may cause damage to cloth material.
  3. Wipe with water-dipped but squeezed cloth.
  4. Allow to dry.

Plastic parts

  1. Dip cloth into neutral detergent, squeeze it and clean.
  2. Wipe with water-dipped but squeezed cloth.
  3. Let it dry fully before using it.

Clean the controller

  1. Wipe with soft cloth after squeezing.
  2. Allow to dry.Propellant, diluent or alcohol are prohibited.

About cleaning

  • Before cleaning, unplug the electricity, don’t touch plug with wet hands.
  • Make sure hands are dry when plugging to the socket.
  • If failed to follow the mentioned instruction, user may get electric shock or burned.


FAQ and troubleshooting

Note: If the troubles are not caused by above reasons, please turn off the power switch and cut off the power, then contact the manufacturer or service agent to repair your chair.


Product Massage Chair


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Please read this user manual thoroughly prior to operating the massage chair. Store this booklet for future reference.

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