KATADYN 8019948 Survivor 35 Compact RO Watermaker Instructions

Survivor 35(Model #8019948)

Thank you for purchasing the Katadyn Survivor-35 desalinator. It was designed and built to rigorous specifications by Katadyn Products Inc., to provide fresh water in emergency situations. Please before operating the Survivor, take a short time needed to read this Manual. This small investment of time will help assure many years of trouble-free operation.

Important Precautions

  • Avoid sucking in oil, gasoline, or other petroleum-based products – they will quickly destroy the membrane.
  • Avoid drawing water from a confined source. As the salt concentration increases, the unit will become harder to pump.
  • Do not adjust the relief valve. This valve is preset in the factory. Adjusting this valve can damage the pump and void your warranty.
  • It is normal to detect a slight taste in the freshwater. However, do not drink water with a strong salt flavor.
  • The strainer may eventually clog and need rinsing. If the unit is hard to pump, either the strainer is clogged or the water is unusually cold or salty.
  • During prolonged emergency use, pump the unit for at least 10 minutes each day to keep seawater from stagnating inside the unit.
  • If the unit will not be used again for several days, remove any accessible seawater from it. To do so, remove the intake strainer and hose from the feed water. Turn the unit upside down, and pump the handle up and down normally until water stops coming out.
  • After the unit has been used, flush the membrane with membrane preservative before storing it again. This will prevent the growth of bacteria inside the unit. Refer to “Storage” below.
  • If the feedwater has a high bacteria content, use biocide daily.
  • Store the membrane preservative in a dry, ventilated area.
  • IMPORTANT: For your safety, we require that an inspection be completed once a year. Our regional service centers are trained to perform all necessary quality checks or you can return the unit to Katadyn for inspection.

IMPORTANT: The Survivor-35 is designed for use in emergency conditions.After it has been used once under such conditions, consult your dealer to determine if any service is required.

Product Specifications

The Survivor-35 is a simple hand-operated watermaker, able to produce over 30 gallons (~105 liters) of potable water per day from seawater.A semipermeable membrane inside the unit acts as a molecular filter. When seawater is pressurized to 800 psi (~55 bar) by pumping the handle and forced against the membrane, only the water molecules can pass through: salt molecules are unable to pass and flow out of the system.

Technology: Reverse Osmosis
Salt rejection: 98.4% on average (96.8% minimum). The desalination degree effect depends on different influence factors such as pressure, throughput, and the quality of water.
Permeate Flow: 4.5 l/h +/- 15% (1.2 U.S. gal/hr)
Weight: 3.2 kg (7 lbs)
Dimensions: 14 x 56 x 9 cm (5.5” x 22” x 3.5”)
Material: Pump: Stainless Steel, plastic Membrane approved by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
Approval: U.S. Coast Guard 160.058/6/0

Operating Instructions

  1. Uncoil intake/discharge hoses. Drop the hoses and attached strainer into the seawater. Be sure the strainer is fully submerged.
  2. Place desalinator across your lap. Place one hand on the handle grip and the other on the membrane housing as shown. (Figure 1-1) Pump handle up and down as far as it will go in each direction, at a comfortable rate of speed (about 2 seconds per up/downstroke). After you pump for 1-2  minutes, the pressure indicating rod will extend itself revealing an orange band. Continue pumping so the orange band remains visible. If water sprays from the indicator, pump slower. If the orange band is not visible, pump faster.
  3. Once water drips from the freshwater hose, pump at least 60 strokes (two minutes) while dumping the water overboard. This will clear the system of the membrane preservative solution and salt that passes through the membrane when not in use. Then insert the freshwater hose into a storage container, or directly into your mouth.IMPORTANT: At initial start-up of a new unit, or of a unit that has been inhibited (filled with preservative storage solution to inhibit biological growth), dump the freshwater output for at least 60 strokes to clear the membrane preservative solution from the system.
  4. Continue pumping until you get the desired amount of water.To get more water if you stop pumping temporarily, repeat the above procedure.

The Survivor-35 is designed to operate under the following seawater conditions:

  • Water Temperature: 2 to 45 °C (36 to 113°F)
  • Salinity: 35,000 ppm TDS average

Storage (7 days or longer)

After the unit has been operated and before it is stored again, it should be flushed with a membrane preservative solution as outlined below.IMPORTANT: Never let the membrane dry out. Be sure to follow these storage instructions.

  1. Turn the unit upside down, with the intake strainer out of the water.
  2. Fill a suitable container with about a quart (approximate 1 liter) of clean water. Freshwater is preferable, but clean seawater can be used if fresh water is not available.
  3. Mix one spoonful (10 grams) of the membrane preservative with water until dissolved.
  4. Place the intake strainer into the membrane preservative solution, and pump until water starts flowing out of the reject hose (indicating that the membrane housing is filled). Stop pumping immediately after the water begins to flow from the reject hose.
  5. If seawater was used to mix the membrane preservative solution, repeat the above procedure with fresh water as soon as it is available.
  6. Rinse any membrane preservative solution off the outside of the unit.

IMPORTANT: For your safety, we require that the above procedure be completed once a year. Please be aware to use only membrane preservatives supplied by Katadyn for your product. Other products like chlorine-based products will damage your membrane.

Limited Warranty

2 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY on Katadyn Survivor 35A) What is coveredYour Katadyn Survivor 35 is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.B) How long warranty coverage lastsThis warranty lasts two years from the date of purchase of your Katadyn Survivor 35.C) What Katadyn will doIn the event of a defect in material or workmanship within the two-year warranty period, Katadyn will either repair or replace the purchase price of your Katadyn Survivor 35, at Katadyn’s sole discretion.D) What is not coveredThis warranty does not cover any damage caused by product misuse, abuse, or failure to follow instructions provided herein for proper use,  maintenance, cleaning, or storage. This warranty also does not cover, and expressly excludes coverage for, any incidental or consequential damagesarising out of the purchase, use, or performance of the product. Some state laws do not allow exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusion or limitation may not apply to you.E) How to get serviceTo receive coverage under this warranty, please return your Survivor 35 to the retailer where you purchased the product for repair or replacement. If you are not completely satisfied with the service you receive from your retailer, or if you have any questions regarding this warranty, please contact Katadyn Customer Service by telephone, email, or in writing at:

Katadyn Desalination, LLC2220 S. McDowell BlvdPetaluma, CA 94954 | U.S.A.Phone: +1 415 526 2780[email protected]www.katadyngroup.com Katadyn Products Inc.Pfäffikerstrasse 378310 Kemptthal | SwitzerlandPhone: +41 44 839 21 11Fax: +41 44 839 21 99[email protected]www.katadyngroup.com

F) How state law appliesThis warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

Katadyn Desalination, LLC2220 S. McDowell BlvdPetaluma, CA 94954U.S.A.Phone: +1415 526 2780[email protected]www.katadyngroup.com Katadyn Products Inc.Pfäffikerstrasse 378310 KemptthalSwitzerlandPhone: +41 44 839 21 11[email protected]www.katadyngroup.com

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