KEK Wall Coverings Instructions

KEK Wall Coverings Instructions


Make sure that the surface is really clean and dry, and free from dust or grease. The best way to prepare the surface is to wipe it over with a damp cloth dipped in a diluted ammonia + water solution. Do not use soap-based cleaning agents since this may lead to the stickers eventually coming loose.

Wait one day to let the wall dry out completely. If the walls have just been plastered or painted (using latex paint) then we advise you to allow the walls to dry out completely by waiting at least 3 weeks before fixing the wall stickers.


We send you your order on sticker sheets; each sheet is usually composed of 3 layers: the top cover sheet (1) the sticker itself (2) and the backing paper (3).

If the sticker sheet contains several stickers, you must cut off each sticker individually before use.

Place the sticker sheet with the top cover sheet uppermost on a smooth firm surface, e.g. a table. Use a cash card to carefully roll over the sticker sheet to remove any air bubbles. When the top cover sheet is completely smooth, rub over the whole sticker sheet again so as to ensure the sticker completely adheres to the top cover sheet.

Now carefully peel back the top cover sheet, together with the sticker, away from the backing paper.

Make sure that the sticker remains fixed to the top cover sheet.

Gently but firmly press the sticker down onto the surface, working from inside to outside, using a cash card.

Make sure you remove all airbubbles.

The sticker is now firmly fixed to the wall surface and you can carefully remove the top cover sheet. This is most easily done by slowly peeling off the top cover sheet at an angle of 30 degrees.

BE CAREFUL! Make sure the sticker is still stuck firmly to the surface while you do this.

Enjoy your wall sticker.


In case you want to remove old stickers, please use a hairdryer on a medium setting to gently warm the sticker; this should then be easily peeled away from the wall.

KEK Amsterdam can in no way be held liable for any possible damage to walls or other surfaces through application, or during use, or on removal, of KEK Amsterdam products.© KEK Amsterdam | All rights reserved



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