KEK Wall Murals & Wallpaper Instructions

KEK Wall Murals & Wallpaper


Step 1Make sure the surface is suitable for this type of wallpaper. Prepare the surface by making sure it is dry, clean, smooth, stable, evenly absorbent, and of uniform color with no old paint or rust showing through. Also, make sure all old nails and screws are removed beforehand.

Step 2We recommend `Ready & Roll for non-woven wallpaper’ by Perfax or similar wallpaper glue from other brands. Apply the glue directly to the wall, slightly wider than the wallpaper sheet (48.7 cm).


Step 3Make sure the first sheet is placed vertically plumb by using a spirit level. Place the sheet directly onto the pasted wall, using a wallpaper spatula to make sure there are no air bubbles.

Step 4The sheet can now be trimmed at the top and bottom. Place subsequent sheets one by one, using a wallpaper spatula to ensure that joins are tightly butted and there is no overlap. Make sure the pattern or image matches up with the previous sheet.


Step 5Carefully pat away excess glue with a piece of kitchen paper. Be extra careful with dark colors! Because the wallpaper is `uncoated’ (no protective layer) the ink can come off slightly.

It is important to avoid excessive heat or draughts when hanging and drying wallpaper, otherwise, the wallpaper dries too quickly and this can lead to gapping at seams.

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