KING Quest Pro Portable Roof Mountable Satellite TV Antenna Owner’s Manual

KING Quest Pro™ VQ4800 Owner’s Manual

This manual contains detailed information on your KING Quest Pro.

To start using your KING Quest Pro right away, see the Quick Reference Guide.



The KING Quest Pro is specifically designed to work with the DIRECTV 101 satellite to receive your favorite SD programming from DIRECTV.

The KING Quest Pro will work with non-SWM receivers, and select SWM-only receivers (see page 2). The use of SWM-only receivers requires SWM hardware (sold separately – see page 6).

The KING Quest Pro will not receive channels broadcast from DIRECTV’s Ka band satellites at 99° and 103°.

The satellite TV market is expanding and changing. The information in this manual was accurate at the time of printing. If your KING Quest Pro does not operate as outlined in this manual, please call KING® at (952) 922-6889 or visit our website at KING is not responsible for changes outside of its control.

Please read this Owner’s Manual thoroughly before using the KING Quest Pro. For additional maintenance and safety information see section 11.


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Thank you for purchasing a KING antenna!

The KING Quest Pro is specifically designed to work with the DIRECTV 101 satellite for SD programming and nationwide distant network local channels found on the 101 satellite. Other local area channels are broadcast from either the 101 or 119 satellites via spot beam transponders and have limited availability outside your immediate local area. If your local channels are broadcast from the 119 satellite, an optional universal controller KING #UC1000 (sold separately – see page 13) is required which allows the antenna to automatically switch between the 101 and 119 satellites to receive those channels.


The KING Quest Pro is compatible with a variety of DIRECTV legacy receivers including Models D10, D11, D12, H20, H21, H22, H23, H24, HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23 and HR24.

The connection diagram on page 4 shows how to use your KING Quest Pro with the included Power Inserter to receive programming from satellite 101.

To find out more about the KING UC1000 controller which allows you to receive programming from satellite 119 as well as the 101, contact KING or your local dealer.


SWM-only receivers such as H25 and higher models are only compatible with the 101 satellite and require additional SWM hardware which is sold separately (see page 6).

NOTE: The KING Quest Pro may be used as a portable satellite antenna or as a roof-mounted antenna (see section 7 for roof installation instructions).







If you wish to semipermanently mount the antenna unit (allowing you to remove it for use as a portable) you can mount it with the MB600 removable feet or the MB700 Quick Release Roof-Mount Kit (see page 13).

1. Make sure you have the following tools and materials before starting.

NOTE: Many RVs are prewired with RG-6 coax cable for satellite antennas. Contact the manufacturer of your RV or your local RV dealer to verify where this cable is located.

If prewired, run the existing coax cable from the prewire location in the roof to the antenna unit. When choosing the antenna unit location, make sure the prewiring will reach the antenna unit.

2. Select an area on the roof for the antenna unit and the location where the wiring will enter the vehicle through the roof to the satellite receiver inside using the following criteria:

  • A shorter distance between the antenna unit and the satellite receiver is most desirable.
  • Make sure you have enough room to mount the antenna unit.
  • The antenna unit should be mounted on the center line of the vehicle, and not tilted more than 2 degrees in any direction.
  • There must be no “line of sight” obstructions. Air conditioning units, other antennas, and storage areas that are too close to the antenna unit may prevent the satellite signal from reaching the antenna unit.
  • Mount the antenna unit with the handle to rear of the vehicle.


The installer is responsible for determining the most appropriate fasteners to secure the antenna unit to the roof. Depending on the roof material, fasteners such as lag screws, well nuts, sheet metal screws, toggle bolts and T anchors may be used, and should always be used in combination with a roof-compatible sealant.

IMPORTANT! The installer is responsible for weatherproofing all holes (except drain holes) with sealant.

3. If the rubber feet have been installed, remove them from the bottom of the unit. DO NOT INSTALL UNIT ON ROOF WITH RUBBER FEET IN PLACE.

4. Apply roof-compatible sealant to roof around entire area where fasteners will penetrate the roof. Mount the antenna unit using the (4) mounting holes. After mounting unit, seal fastener heads with roof-compatible sealant.

There are two coax ports on the back of the antenna unit. The one labeled “MAIN” MUST be connected to the main receiver in vehicle. The one labeled “AUX” can be used for an additional receiver if desired.

5. Connect one end of 50 foot coax cable to the MAIN port and tighten connection (see below). DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

If using a second receiver, connect end of second coax (sold separately) to the AUX port. Tighten connection. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

6. Run coax from the antenna unit to the roof edge, then along edge to location where coax will be fed into the vehicle. If installing an optional second receiver, run second coax to location where it will enter the vehicle. Secure (both) coax to roof every 12-18 inches (see below).

7. Drill 3/4” hole through the roof and into the cabinet where receiver is stored. Feed coax down through hole. Seal opening with roof compatible sealant so that it is completely waterproof (inside and outside of the 3/4” hole). Repeat for second coax if present.

8. Inside vehicle, make connections 1-3 in order shown below.




(Sold separately – see



  1. Keep this Owner’s Manual and the included Quick Reference Guide in a safe place for future reference.
  2. Follow all instructions and warnings. Set up and operate the KING Quest Pro in accordance with the instructions.
  3. Always handle the KING Quest Pro product carefully. Do not drop the KING Quest Pro. Avoid excessive shock or vibration to the KING Quest Pro.
  4. Use caution when carrying the KING Quest Pro. Always carry the KING Quest Pro by the handle.
  5. Do not operate near any indoor or outdoor heat source such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, barbecues, campfires, or other items that produce heat.
  6. Do not stack the KING Quest Pro on top of or below other electronic devices as this can cause heat buildup or block the satellite signal from reaching the KING Quest Pro.
  7. Keep the enclosure clean from dirt, bugs, and other debris by hand washing with mild soap and water.
  8. Do not power wash the KING Quest Pro. Do not submerge the KING Quest Pro or place in standing water.
  9. To avoid risk of electrical shock, unplug the power inserter before connecting the KING Quest Pro in damp or wet conditions.
  10. Do not remove the cover of the KING Quest Pro without prior authorization. Doing so will void the Limited Warranty.
  11. Do not coat or paint the KING Quest Pro with any substance.
  12. Tighten all of the coax cable connections only by hand. If you use a wrench, you may over tighten the connections and damage your equipment.
  13. Servicing may be required if the unit has been dropped or damaged in any way or if the unit does not operate normally. Call KING Customer Service at (952) 345-8147.

The KING Quest Pro has been designed to be maintenance and trouble free. If not using the KING Quest Pro for long periods of time, it is recommended that you set up the system on a quarterly basis (every three months) to keep all moving parts of the KING Quest Pro in good working order.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact KING Customer Service at (952) 345-8147, or by email at [email protected].

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