KitchenAid W11427468 Slide-In Gas Range User Guide

KitchenAid W11427468 Slide-In Gas Range User Guide


WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons, read the IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS, located in your appliance’s Owner’s Manual, before operating this appliance.Using Your Oven

Step 1. Select oven functionStep 2. Set the temperatureStep 3. Press StartStep 4. Place food inside the oven once set temperature is reached. Close the oven door.Step 5. (Optional) Enter time to cookStep 6. The Cancel button can be use to cancel the function during or after cook time.

NOTE: For more detailed instructions on specific functions, see the online Control Guide. Using Your Range

Electric igniters automatically light the surface burners when control knobs are turned to .Before setting a control knob, place filled cookware on the grate. Do not operate a burner using empty cookware or without cookware on the grate.The flame should be adjusted so it does not extend beyond the edge of the pan.NOTE: Visually check that the burner has lit. If the burner does not ignite, listen for a clicking sound. If you do not hear the igniter click, turn the burner off. Check for a tripped circuit breaker or blown household fuse. Check that the control knob is pressed completely down on the valve shaft. If the spark igniter still does not operate, call a trained repair specialist.

To Set:1. Push in and turn knob counterclockwise to . All surface burners will click. Only the burner with the control knob turned to will produce a flame.2. Turn knob to anywhere between H (high) and L (low).

REMEMBER: When range is in use, the entire cooktop area may become hot.

POWER FAILUREIn case of prolonged power failure, the surface burners can be lit manually. Hold a lit match near a burner and turn knob counterclockwise to . After the burner lights, turn knob to setting.

ALUMINUM FOILIMPORTANT: To avoid permanent damage to the oven bottom finish, do not line the oven bottom with any type of foil or liner. For best cooking results, do not cover entire oven rack with foil because air must be able to move freely. Care must be taken to prevent aluminum foil and meat probes from contacting heating elements.

POSITIONING RACKS AND BAKEWAREIMPORTANT: To avoid permanent damage to the porcelain finish, do not place food or bakeware directly on the oven door or bottom.

Racks■ Position racks before turning on the oven.■ Do not position racks with bakeware on them.■ Make sure racks are level.To position a rack, pull it out to the stop position, raise the front edge, and then lift out. Use the following illustrations as a guide.For hamburger patties to have a well-seared exterior and a rare interior, use a flat rack in rack position 7. Side 1 should cook for approximately 21/2 to 31/2 minutes. Side 2 should cook for approximately 4 to 5 minutes. Expect a moderate degree of smoke when broiling.

BAKING COOKIES AND LAYER CAKES ON TWO RACKSBaking Layer CakesFor best results when baking cakes on two racks, use the Bake function, a flat rack in rack position 5, and a flat rack in rack position 2. If you do not have two flat racks, use a Max Capacity Oven Rack in rack position 6. Place the cakes on the racks, as shown. Keep at least 3″ (7.6 cm) of space between the front of the racks and the front cakes.

Baking CookiesFor best results when baking cookies on 2 racks, use the Convection Bake function, a flat rack in rack position 2, and a Max Capacity Oven rack in rack position 6.

BURNER SIZESelect a burner that best fits your cookware. Burner positions will vary based on the model of your range.

OVEN VENTThe oven vent releases hot air and moisture from the oven and should not be blocked or covered. Blocking or covering the oven vent will cause poor air circulation, affecting cooking and cleaning results. Do not set plastics, paper, or other items that could melt or burn near the oven vent.

OVEN LIGHTThe oven light is a 40 W halogen bulb. Before replacing, make sure the oven and cooktop are cool and the control knobs are in the Off position.

To Replace:

  1.  Disconnect power.
  2. Turn the glass bulb cover in the back of the oven counterclockwise to remove.
  3. Remove bulb from socket.
  4.  Replace bulb, using tissue or wearing cotton gloves to handle bulb. To avoid damage to or decreasing the life of the new bulb, do not touch bulb with bare fingers.
  5.  Replace bulb cover by turning clockwise.
  6.  Reconnect power.

IMPORTANT: Do not use lamps rated higher than 40 W.

SABBATH MODE:The Sabbath Mode sets the oven to remain on in a bake setting until disabled. For guidance on usage and a complete list of models with Sabbath Mode, visit or contact us as per the information given below.

Online Ordering InformationFor detailed installation instruction and maintenance information, winter storage, and transportation tips, please see the Owner’s Manual included with your machine. For information on any of the following items, the full cycle guide, detailed product dimensions, or for completeinstructions for use and installation, please visit, or in Canada This may save you the cost of a service call.However, if you need to contact us, use the information listed below for the appropriate region.United States:          1–800–253–1301KtichenAid Brand Home Appliances Customer eXperience Center 553 Benson Road Benton Harbor, MI 49022–2692Canada:                  1–800–807–6777KitchenAid Brand Home Appliances Customer eXperience Centre 200–6750 Century Ave. Mississauga, Ontario L5N 0B7

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IMPORTANT: Retain this guide for future use.


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