KitSound Hive2o Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker User Manual

KitSound Hive2o

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


Please read this manual carefully before use.


  • Please don’t get the product wet
  • Please don’t take the product apart. There are no user serviceable parts inside
  • Please don’t modify or alter the product or accessories
  • Please don’t expose the product to extreme temperatures or rapid changes of hot to cold or vice versa
  • Please don’t use damaged cables or plugs, or loose electrical sockets
  • Please don’t touch the device, cables, plugs, or the electrical socket with wet hands or other wet body parts
  • Please don’t pull the cable excessively when disconnecting it if the cable is not fixed
  • Please don’t bend or damage the cable
  • Please don’t drop or cause an impact to the product or the device
  • Please don’t place naked flame sources, such as lighted candles, on the product

Battery Information

  • Batteries may malfunction if they are not used for extended periods
  • Over time, unused devices will discharge and must be recharged before use
  • Disconnect the charger from power sources when not in use
  • Use the batteries only for their intended purposes
  • Follow all instructions in this manual to ensure the longest lifespan of your device and battery. Damages or poor performance caused by failure to follow warnings and instructions can void your manufacturer’s warranty
  • Batteries (battery pack or batteries installed) shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the like

The speaker is rated IP67. This means it protects from water immersion at up to 1 metre in depth for 30 minutes. Please do not submerge the speaker beneath 1 metre, and for more than 30 minutes.

  • To ensure that the KS Hive2o speaker is waterproof, please remove all cable connections and tightly close the cap. Exposing the KS Hive2o speaker to liquids without doing so may result in permanent damage to the speaker
  • Do not expose the KS Hive2o speaker to water while charging. This is very dangerous as doing so may result in personal injury and permanent damage to the speaker or power source
  • IP67 waterproof is defined as: Ingress of water in harmful quality shall not be possible when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (up to 1 metre of submersion).

Box contents

  • Hive2o Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • User manual


  1. MFB (Multi-Function Button)
  2. Aux in Port
  3. Microphone
  4. Micro USB Charging Port
  5. LED Indicator

Instructions for use

Getting started

Charging the battery

Give the speaker a full charge before its first use:

  1. Connect the supplied USB charging cable to the Micro USB Charging Port (4) and plug into power
  2. The LED Indicator (5) will be solid red whilst charging which will take up to 4 hours
  3. Once fully charged the LED Indicator (5) will turn off

Note: Allow up to 5 hours for the first charge. You can play your speaker whilst it is being charged, but this will affect the charging time.

Battery protection mode

  • If you haven’t used the speaker for 90 days, the speaker will switch to battery protection mode automatically. To cancel the battery protection mode, connect the Hive2o to power, see point 1 of Charging the battery
  • To keep the rechargeable battery in good condition, please discharge and recharge speaker every 3 months, even if you use it or not

Note: For best sound quality when the battery is below 30%, it is best to charge the Hive2o.

Pairing the Hive2o to your device

  1. Long press MFB (1) to turn the speaker on and it will automatically enter pairing mode and the LED Indicator (5) with flash white
  2. Turn your iOS, Android, or Windows device’s Bluetooth ON and search for new devices
  3. Select ‘KS Hive2o’. If asked for a passcode, enter ‘0000’, and the device will pair
  4. Once connected an audio tone will sound and the LED Indicator (5) will turn solid white

Re-pairing or pairing new devices

  1. Turn Bluetooth connectivity off on any previously paired devicesOR
  2. Long press the MFB (1) to re-enter pairing mode
  3. Follow the ‘Pairing the Hive2o to your device’ instructions

Note: If a previously paired device is not present within the Bluetooth connectivity range then the speaker will re-enter pairing mode.

Playing music on your speaker


When connected via Bluetooth, play music on your device and the sound will play through the speaker. Some devices may require you to select the audio output. The LED Indicator (5) will slowly flash white while playing music.


  1. Plug the Aux cable into the speaker’s Aux-in Port (2) and your device using the supplied cable
  2. The LED Indicator (5) will flash white twice every 3 seconds

Once connected to the Hive2o either wired or by Bluetooth, please follow the instructions on next page:

Please note: Your device will have an internal amplifier and if it is playing digital files like MP3s it will also have an integrated DAC (Digital Audio Converter). If you turn the volume up to 100%, your device will be sending a distorted signal. To avoid this, and to get the best quality from the speaker, we recommend that you do not run your device any higher than 95% volume. Some devices output higher than others, so you may need to reduce the volume if you experience distortion.

Call handling

Note: This feature is only available in Bluetooth mode.

Note: When using the speaker for call handling, please ensure you are facing the microphone, no less than 1 metre away for best results.

TWS (True Wireless Stereo) for stereo sound*

  1. Both Hive2o speakers must be turned on and in pairing mode (make sure your device isn’t connected to either while trying to pair for TWS)
  2. Double press MFB (1) on both speakers and the LED Indicator (5) will flash white and blue on both speakers
  3. The master speaker will automatically find the other speaker, the slave will become solid white and the master will then flash quickly
  4. Turn your iOS, Android, or Windows device’s Bluetooth ON and search for new devices
  5. Select ‘KS Hive2o’. If asked for a passcode, enter ‘0000’, and the device will pair
  6. Once connected, the LED Indicator (5) will be a solid white if playing audio or slowly flashing white if not playing audio

Note: To cancel the TWS on both, double press MFB (1) on both speakers and they will disconnect. The second speaker will re-enter pairing mode while the master will continue to be paired to your device.

*Second Hive2o sold separately



We hope you’ve now got all the information you need to get started, but if you’re having problems with anything, please feel free to contact us at:

‘Hereby, Kondor Ltd declares that the radio equipment type, KSHIV2O, is in compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at the following internet address:’

Please do not attempt to open this product. There are no user serviceable parts inside, in particular if your product has an embedded, non-replaceable battery, do not attempt to access or remove the battery as this may cause personal injury and will damage the product.

Making any attempt to open the product or carry out repair voids any and all warranties.

KitSound Hive2o Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker User Manual – KitSound Hive2o Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker User Manual –

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