Knightsbridge LANTSS/LANTBK E27 Wall Mounted Lantern Fitting IP23 Max 40W Installation Guide

Knightsbridge LANTSS/LANTBK E27 Wall Mounted Lantern 
Fitting IP23 Max 40W Installation Guide


These instructions should be read carefully and retained after installation by the end user for future reference and maintenance.These instructions should be used to aid installation of the following products: LANTSS / LANTBK

  • Installation of this luminaire should only be carried out by a qualified electrician or competent person to the current Building and IEE Wiring Regulations (BS7671)
  • Please isolate mains prior to installation/maintenance
  • Check the total load on the circuit (including when this luminaire is fitted) does not exceed the rating of the circuit cable, fuse or circuit breaker
  • Please note the IP (Ingress of Protection) rating of this luminaire when deciding the location for installation
  • This product is Class I and requires an earth
  • This product is IP23 Rated


  • Provide power to the point of installation. Suitable IP rated junction boxes should be used where required
  • Remove the 2 base plate screws on either side of the fitting
  • Using the base plate as a template, mark the location of the fixing holes, and drill the holes ensuring not to infringe with any joists, gas/water pipes or electrical cables
  • Feed cable through the cable entry grommet and secure base plate to chosen surface
  • Connect Live (brown), Neutral (blue) and Earth (green/yellow) to the 3-way terminal block in the base of the fitting (see Fig 1)

  • Line up the fitting with the base plate and fasten down the 2 base plate screws
  • Install an E27 lamp into the fitting (not supplied) ensuring not to exceed the 40W maximum rating
  • Reposition diffuser back into place
  • Switch on power and test for correct operation


Do not use any source of high pressure washers to maintain or clean this luminaire. This product is not suitable for installation in or near costal and marine environments.


The unit should be recycled in the correct manner when it reaches the end of its life. Check local authorities for where facilities exist.Clean with a soft dry cloth only, do not use aggressive cleaning products or solvents which may damage the fitting.


This product has a warranty of 2 years from date of purchase. Failure to install this product in accordance with the current edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations, improper use, or removal of the batch codes will invalidate the warranty. If this product should fail within its warranty period it should be returned to the place of purchase for a free of charge replacement. ML Accessories does not accept responsibility for any installation costs associated with the replacement product. Your statutory rights are not affected. ML Accessories reserve the right to alter product specification without prior notice.

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