kogan NBMOPSPN25A 360 Snip Mop with Clean Bucket System User Guide

kogan NBMOPSPN25A 360 Snip Mop with Clean Bucket System User Guide


Please remove all packaging and stickers before first use.

Check that all components are included in the package. If any components are missing, please contact help.kogan.com for support.

To prevent scraping or scuffing, do not use steel wool or any other metal abrasives to wash the outer bucket.

To prevent damage, do not place the mop in or near direct heat. Adult supervision is recommended when children are using the mop.

Do not attempt to repair the mop yourself.


  1. Mop plate
  2. Connection fork
  3. Pole assembly – lower
  4. Pole assembly – middle
  5. Pole assembly – upper
  6. Mop head
  7. Inner bucket
  8. Outer bucket


Step 1:

Connect the pole assemblies, attaching the Upper (5) and Middle (4) pieces together, then attaching the Lower (3) and Middle (4) pieces. The connected pole assembly will form the mop’s handle.

Step 2:

Connect the handle’s lower pole to the connection fork (2) on the mop plate (1). The whole structure can then be connected onto the mop head to complete the assembly of the mop. Next, attach the mop head (6) to the mop plate (1), completing the mop assembly.


Step 1:

After assembling the mop, lift off the inner bucket (7) and add sufficient water into the outer bucket (8). Ensure the water level sits below the inner bucket level once it is placed back on top of the outer bucket.

  • Inner Bucket
  • Outer Bucket
  • Inner bucket secured within Outer bucket

Step 2:

Push the Lever on the mop handle into the downwards position to allow the mop to enter spinning mode. This allows the mop to spin 360° for washing and drying.

Step 3:

Push the mop into the centre of the bucket repeatedly to wash and dry the mop simultaneously. With clean water in the centre of the bucket, dirt and grime accumulated from mopping is expelled to the sides of the bucket through the spinning action, allowing for the clear separation of clean washing water, and dirty water.

Step 4:

Push the lever on the mop handle back into the upwards position to enter mopping mode. The mop can now be used to clean floors. Once the mop needs washing, repeat step 4.

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