kogan OVBONPRSBGA Ovela Bonita Pintuck Sofa Bed User Guide

Kogan OVBONPRSBGA, OVBONPRSBSA Ovela Bonita Pintuck Sofa Bed User Guide


  • Read Instructions carefully. Ensure no parts are missing before beginning.
  • Warning: Failure to follow the instructions can lead to damage that is not covered by your warranty.
  • Lay out all the components on a soft surface.
  • Do not fully tighten screws (leave slightly loose). When the item is fully assembled tighten the screws – but do not over-tighten.



Step 1

Open the bottom zipper of the Sofa Frame and remove the Solid Wooden Legs and Cushions. Assemble all Solid Wooden Legs.

Step 2

Fold up the sofa to use it as a sofa seater.

Step 3

Place the handrail cushions on both the sides of the sofa.


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