KRAMER KIT-Z100 User Guide

KRAMER KIT-Z100 Quick Start Guide

This guide helps you install and use your KIT-Z100 for the first time.

Go to to download the latest user manual and check if firmware upgrades are available.

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Step 1: Check what’s in the package

  • ECU-Z100
  • KT-107Z/KT-107ZRB (with restricted BW, up to 5.35GHz)
  • On-wall mount unit
  • Panel Mount plate
  • 1 19V DC power adapter and cord
  • 1 5.2V power adapter and cord
  • 1 C-USB/Micro B cable
  • 1 right-angle OTG USB cable
  • 1 Quick start guide
  • Tabletop mount
  • Installation screws

Step 2: Get to know your KIT-Z100



Step 3: Mount ECU-Z100

Install ECU-Z100 using one of the following methods:

  • Ensure that the environment (e.g., maximum ambient temperature & air flow) is compatible for the device.
  • Avoid uneven mechanical loading.
  • Appropriate consideration of equipment nameplate ratings should be used for avoiding overloading of the circuits.
  • Reliable earthing of rack-mounted equipment should be maintained.

Step 4: Mount KT-107Z/KT-107ZRB

Mounting on a table using one of the following options:

Portable Mount: place the tabletop mount on the table. Connected cables remain visible and the table remains intact.

Secure Mount: secure the tabletop mount to the table as follows:

  1. Measure the exact location on the surface of the table where you want to install the KT-107Z/KT-107ZRB.
  2. Drill a hole in the table and optionally cut the cable pass-through opening according to the cut-out dimensions defined in the user manual.
  3. Secure the tabletop mount to the table using the M5x60 secure screw.
  4. Connect the Ethernet port to a PoE-enabled source. Optionally, you can connect the power adapter too (as backup).
  5. Replace the appropriate cover and place the KT-107Z/KT-107ZRB over the tabletop mount (the is magnetically held in place), by first inserting the lower part of the then carefully laying the KT-107Z/KT-107ZRB in place.
  6. Wait for the Home-page to load and then secure the KT-107Z/KT-107ZRB to the tabletop mount from the rear side (using 2 M2x4 screws, supplied with the unit).
  7. Optionally, lock the tabletop mount with a Kensington locker (not supplied).

Mounting on the wall:

Before mounting KIT-Z100 on a wall, install an in-wall junction box (recommended boxes are listed in the user manual)

  1. Attach the on-wall mount unit to the installed junction box (top side up see indication arrows on unit). Connect Ethernet and/or power cables and optionally, insert the right-angle USB cable (supplied) for connecting to an adjacent external USB device.
  2. Screw the 4 wall-mounting screws (supplied) through the screw openings. The various screw openings fit various types of wall junction boxes.
  3. On the rear side of the KT-107Z/KT-107ZRB, remove the screw cover and the cover (by slightly pressing downwards and then pulling out) and set aside.
  4. Attach the panel mount plate to the rear side of the KT-107Z/KT-107ZRB (using 4 M2x4 screws, supplied).
  5. Connect the flat cable from the on-wall mount (attached to the in-wall junction box) to the connector on the rear of KT-107Z/KT-107ZRB.
  6. Hang the KT-107Z/KT-107ZRB on the wall by sliding the tabs on the attached panel mount plate over the grooves on the on-wall mount unit.

Step 5: Connect inputs and outputs

Always switch OFF the power on each device before connecting it to your KIT-Z100.

To achieve specified extension distances, use the recommended Kramer cables available at Using third-party cables may cause damage!

Microphone and speakers can be connected to ECU-Z100 in the following ways:

  • Speakers can be connected via LINE OUT connector and/or USB ports.
  • Microphones cab be connected via MIC IN connector (via amp) and/or USB ports.
  • Speakerphones (combining a speaker and a microphone) can be connected via USB ports.

KT-107Z/KT-107ZRB can be powered in any of the following ways:

  • Using the power adapter when connected by LAN (without PoE support).
  • Using the power adapter when connected to LAN by Wi-Fi
  • By PoE when connecting to Ethernet by PoE-supporting LAN.

Step 6: Connect power

Connect the power cord to ECU-Z100 and plug it into the mains electricity.

If required, connect the power adapter on the KT-107Z/KT-107ZRB to the Power 2-pin terminal block connector on the tabletop mount and to the mains power.

Safety Instructions (See for updated safety information)


  • There are no operator serviceable parts inside the unit.


  • Use only the power cord that is supplied with the unit.
  • Disconnect the power and unplug the unit from the wall before installing.
  • Do not open the unit. High voltages can cause electrical shock! Servicing by qualified personnel only.
  • To ensure continuous risk protection, replace fuses only according to the rating specified on the product label which located on the bottom of the unit.

Step 7: Set and operate KIT-Z100

Before setting up the application on KT-107Z/KT-107ZRB, you need to acquire Zoom Rooms licenses.

To set and operate the application, go to the Zoom Rooms website at

To use the Zoom Rooms widget on Kramer Control, go to Zoom Rooms settings at


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