LAMAX Sounder2 Mini User Guide

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LAMAX Sounder2 Mini User Guide



POWER Power on / off (hold), Switch between audio sources (Bluetooth, microSD card and AUX) (press)
VOL + Volume up (press), next track (hold)
VOL – Volume down (press), previous track (hold)
PLAY Play / pause (press),Answer / end call (press), reject call (hold), last number redial (double tap), Force pairing mode (hold), Force shutdown (long hold, 6s)
TWS Activate mobile assistant (press), Activate/deactivate TWS pairing (hold), Factory settings (long hold, 6s)


  1. Power indicator
  2. Master speaker status indicator
  3. Slave speaker status indicator
  4. Charging USB-C port
  5. AUX IN (3.5 mm stereo jack)
  6. MicroSD port

LED Indicators 

Flashing blueReady to pair

Lit bluePaired BT/SD card/AUX

Flashing (slowly)Playback

Charging indicatorWhen charging, the status LED lights up red, when fully charged it is lit green.

TWS indicatorWhen searching in TWS mode, the white LEDs alternate. After successful TWS pairing, the right LED on the Master speaker and the left LED on the Slave are lit white.

Power on / Power OffTo turn on the speaker, press and hold the POWER button. The LED lights up and a beep sounds. Hold down the same button to turn off the speaker.


  1. Turn on the speaker by holding down the POWER button. The LED starts blinking and the speaker is ready to pair.
  2. Activate the Bluetooth connection on your phone or other device. Select “LAMAX Sounder2 Mini” from the list of available devices. When pairing is successful, the speaker emits a sound and the LED lights up.
  3. Playback can be controlled either by the paired device or directly on the speaker itself. The LED blinks slowly during playback.

TWSTo pair two speakers, turn on both speakers and make sure they are not paired with the multimedia device. On one of them, which will be the main one, press and hold the TWS button until a beep sounds. After successful pairing, a second beep sounds and the main speaker acts as the left channel.To unpair the speakers, hold the same TWS button on the main speaker.

Audio input 

By connecting to the AUX jack via the supplied audio cable, you can play music from any device. When playing back through the audio input, you cannot control the tracks directly on the speaker.

HandsfreeWhen pairing your phone via Bluetooth, the handsfree function is activated. To answer / end the call, press PLAY, reject the incoming call by holding down PLAY and double tap PLAY to redial the last dialled number.

ChargingThe speaker can be charged using the supplied USB cable from a suitable USB device – adapter, PC, power bank. Do not chargé the speaker with an input voltage higher than 5V, as the speaker may be damaged. An audible signal sounds when the battery is running low. When charging, the LED lights up red and when fully charged, the LED lights up green.


Speaker 15 W, Φ 60 mm, 115 Hz – 18 KHz
Battery Li-Ion 2500 mAh
Playback time up to 30 hours
Charging time 2–3 hours
Playback options  Bluetooth, 3,5 mm audio, micro SD card
Wireless technology Bluetooth 5.0
Water resistance IP66
Dimensions 115 × 93 × 90 mm
Weight 440 g

The latest version of the user manual can be downloaded here:


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