LAOTIE N10 36V10.4Ah Electric Scooter User Manual

LAOTIE N10 36V10.4Ah Electric Scooter User Manual

Pakage Contains

Assembly instructions

Step 1 Products unfolds and folds

When the rapid pressing device is open, the positioning shaft can move freely and when the mouth is pulled up The vertical position is in a free folding state, and the product starts to unfold normally when the mouth is pulled down.

Note: Remember that the compaction device is closed when the product is deployed

Step 2 Installation of handlebars

As shown : mount the instrument assembly on the handle and screw it tight

Step 3 Connection of communication lines

As shown: Connect instrument communication lines

Step 4 Installation check

Examine the tire pressure is sufficient(general front 2.0 back 2.2. The factory to protect the tire pressure is not enough,examine that the brakes are available

Operating instructions

  1. Product function as shown below
  2. Function details
    1. When pressing the power off brake, cut off the power supply, the rear disc brake holding brake function is effective
    2. Press the bell, handle the bell.
    3. In the state of electrification, turn the accelerator handle counterclockwise and the car starts. The bigger the angle, the faster.Warmtip: Please speedup slowly when starting
    4. Display screen: Turn on, Display screen, function asshown below:

A: File position highlight refers to the file position at the timeB: When the instrument is dormant, the button displays red light, and the screen activates the display.C: Key function

  1. Click to change gear(loop)
  2. Press twice to light the headlights and taillights
  3. The car automatically enters hibernation after resting for 5 minutes

Use of remote locks

Technical Parameters

Name Parameters
Model N10
Motor Power 350W
Range 30-40km
Battery Capacity 10.4Ah
Voltage 36V
Max Speed 30km/h
Charging time 3-5H
Brake Rear Disc Brake and EABS
Unfold size 1110X450X1125
Max load 120KG
N.W 13.9KG

Repair and maintenance

Maintenance determines the service life, you need to understand the following common sense

  1. Check the tire pressure before using , Standard pressure 280Kpa
  2. Fully charged without working, makre sure charge and discharge a power every 2 months
  3. fullfil the powder after riding
  4. Do not use high-pressure water gun cleaning, to avoid damage of the internal n electronic components。

Regular maintenance

  1. Check the screw
  2. Check the tire
  3. Check the brake


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