LEDWOOD LD-T14-TWS Bluetooth Stereo Headset User Manual

LEDWOOD LD-T14-TWS Bluetooth Stereo Headset


Mini wireless stereo earbuds (TWS), separate left and right channels, HIFI sound; the left and right earbuds are both Bluetooth compatible and can be used separately or together

Reference LD-T14-TWS
Bluetooth version V5.0 + EDR
Bluetooth mode A2DP1.3/ HFP1.6/ HSP1.2/ AVRCP1.6/ D11.3.
Bluetooth frequency 2.4GHZ
Bluetooth max. power 2 dBm
Bluetooth range 10 metres (without obstacle)
Speakers 2 x 6 mW
Microphone Built-in
Charging 5V USB/DC charger socket
Battery capacity Individual earbud: 45mAhCharging station: 300mAh
Autonomy in Play mode Individual earbud: 3 hours 30 minutesPairing mode: 3 hours
Autonomy in standby mode Individual earbud: 100 hoursPairing mode: 60 hours
Max. acoustic pressure ≥90dB
Frequency response 150-18kHz
Impedance 30ohms
Accessories Charging unit and USB cable


  1. Anti-dust screen
  2. Multi-function button
  3. Microphone
  4. Charging socket
  5. Charging unit ON/OFF switch / Charging unit LED
  6. 5V USB socket


Press the multifunction buttons on each earbud for 3 seconds to turn them on. They are automatically paired when one of the LED indicators turns off while the other continues to flash.Turn on the Bluetooth on your source device and select «LD-T14» to connect the headphones.When the flashing LED also goes out, the headphones are connected.Note: The earbuds are automatically paired with each other when they are turned on. If not, follow the manual pairing procedure below:a. Press the multifunction buttons on each of the earbuds until the LED indicator alternately flashes red and blue, and a voice message indicates «power on».b. Press one of the multifunction buttons for 3 seconds. A voice message indicates «connected». The LED indicator of one of the earbuds turns off while the other continues to flash.The pairing is successful.c. Turn on the Bluetooth on your source device and select «LD-T14» to connect the earbuds.When the flashing LED also turns off, the earbuds are connected.

  1. If the earbuds have been successfully paired for the first time, there is no need to repeat the pairing procedure when using them again.
  2. If the pairing does not work the first time, disconnect source device, turn off the earbuds and try again.


  1. Making phone callsMake sure the earbuds are paired correctly with your smartphone before making phone calls.To answer a call, quickly press one of the multifunction buttons and reject the call by pressing and holding the same button. When listening to music, redial the last number by quickly pressing the same button twice.
  2. Listening to musicMake sure the earbuds are connected to your smartphone before listening to music. Briefly press the multifunction button to stop the music and press it again to resume playback.
  3. Switching offPress the two multifunction buttons until the red indicators turn off. A voice message indicates «power off». To deactivate just one earbud, press and hold a multifunction button until the red indicator turns off. The other earbud continues to work.


The earbuds battery level is displayed on your phone. When the battery is low, a warning sounds and the red LED indicator flashes simultaneously. Insert both earbuds into the charging unit and then press the ON / OFF button on the charging unit to start charging.Note: The earbuds are automatically turned off during charging, even if they were turned on when charging.

Charging unit indicator

While the earbuds are charging, the LED indicator is red. It turns off when fully charged.When the charging unit is connected to a PC via a USB cable to be charged, the red indicator starts flashing; it stops flashing when the charge is complete. When the charging unit is fully charged, it can charge the earbuds three times.


Do not overuse these earbuds, do not subject them to high pressure and keep them away from heat and humidity.Keep these earbuds at a distance from the Wi-Fi signal, router or any other high-frequency transmission to avoid a loss of the Bluetooth signal.Ensure that you use these earbuds within the Bluetooth range (10 metres) and make sure that there is no obstacle between the connected devices.Use these Bluetooth earbuds to connect to any device equipped with Bluetooth.


– Exposure to sound levels must be of limited duration to avoid damage to hearing.The duration of exposure to a sound level of 80dB (A) must be limited to 40 hours per week and exposure to a sound level of 89dB (A) must be limited to five hours per week.– Take regular breaks.– Listening at excessive noise can affect the user’s ear.– Risk of permanent loss of hearing or tinnitus.– Limit the sound level: to avoid any damage to hearing, limit the sound level by setting the volume of the device securely with a clear and moderate sound output.

at full power, prolonged listening to the player can damage the user’s ear and lead to hearing problems (temporary or permanent deafness, ringing in the ears, tinnitus, hyperacosis). It is therefore highly recommended not to use the player at full volume, and no more than an hour per day at medium volume.


– Discarding used batteries in the environment or in household waste causes pollution and prevents the recovery of valuable materials. It is therefore important to limit your use of batteries and to respect the following instructions:– prefer alkaline batteries (which last longer than zinc batteries) and when  possible use rechargeable batteries.– dispose of used batteries in specific containers available in many shops. The metals will be disposed of correctly and will not pollute the environment because they contain heavy metals dangerous to health and the environment (mainly cadmium and nickel).– Batteries must be inserted respecting the poles indicated on the device and on the battery.Incorrect installation can either damage the device, cause battery leakage, or, in extreme cases, cause a fire or the battery to explode.– Batteries must be in good condition to ensure proper operation. In case of a problem with the operation of the device, insert new batteries.– Never try to recharge non-rechargeable batteries. They could leak, overheat, ignite or explode.– Replace all batteries at the same time. Never mix zinc batteries with alkaline or rechargeable batteries.– Used batteries should be removed from the device.– In the same way, remove batteries from your device if you do not use it for a long period of time, otherwise the batteries may leak and cause damage.– Never try to short-circuit the terminals of a battery.– Never throw batteries on a fire as they could explode.– Battery recharging should be carried out by an adult.– Remove rechargeable batteries before recharging them.– We recommend that adults supervise children when changing batteries to ensure that the instructions are respected or for adults to replace batteries themselves.– If a battery is swallowed, immediately seek medical attention or contact the nearest poison control centre. Do not forget to bring the device with you.

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