Li-Fe 250 Air Electric Scooter User Manual

Li-Fe 250 Air Electric Scooter User Manual

Your Scooter And Accessories


  • Valve extender for inflation
  • Screws x 4
  •  Wrench x 33.1991 mm4•22.7•65mm5•27.6•77mm
  • Socket wrench x1
  • Charging Adapter x 1


Mode Indicators

  1. To turn power on/off, press the switch for 1 second.
  2.  To turn the front and rear light on/off, quick press the switch twice.
  3. To select diffierent speed levels, short press the switch. The diffierent gears with their corresponding speeds are listed in the table as below:
    Speed gear Speed range
    1 0-6 km/h
    2 7-15km/h
    3 15-25km/h

    Battery indicator: there is total 4 LEDS indicating a level of battery.If all 4 LEDS are lit,a battery level is 70%-100%;if 3 LEDS are lit, battery level is 50%-69%;if 2 LEDs are lit, battery level is 10%- 30%.If 1 LED is lit, the battery level is less than 10%, please charge the product.

  4. Your scooter is fitted with a rear brake light which will illuminate automatically whenever you pull the brake lever.

Assembling your scooter

  1. . Unfold the handlebar stem and lock lever into place.
  2. Insert handlebars taking care not to snag cables
  3. Using the allen key supplied tighten the screws to secure handlebars in stem.
  4. Test the power switch after finish assembling

Charging the scooter

How to use

  2. Power on and check the battery LED
  3. Stand with one leg firmly on the ground
  4. Gently push yourself to start moving and gradually push the accelerator. (Motor will only accelerate when the scooter is travelling beyond 3km/h)
  5. Release accelerator button to slow down. Energy recovery systems will then operate to also help slow you down. Pull the brake lever if you need to slow down quickly
  6. To steer, lean very slightly into the corner and turn the handlebars slightly – be aware of sensitive steering

Safety Instructions

Avoid safety Hazards 

  1. It is not recommended to use your scooter in the rain
  2. It is recommend to slightly bend your knees to better absorb bumps in the road. If you are travelling on a rough road reduce your speed to remain in control at all times
  3. Slow down when entering confined spaces
  4. Please do not add speed when descending a hill
  5. While walking with a scooter, do not press the accelerator
  6. When riding, take care to avoid obstacles
  7. Keep two feet on the scooter at all times (apart from set-off)
  8. Please do not hang rucksacks and other heavy objects on handlebars
  9. Currently it is illegal to use this scooter on public highways, bridleways and footpaths. Electric scooters should only be used on private land with permission from the land owner. Please check local legislation in your area for updates.

Fold & Transportation


Make sure your scooter is switched off.To fold; hold the handlebar stem, loosen the lock-lever and gently lower the handlebar stem. There is a latch on the rear mudguard to securely fasten the handlebars to for  carrying. To unfold; disconnect the handlebars from the rear mudguard latch, lift stem into upright position and push lock-lever into place.


Your scooter is easy to carry, but ensure the handlebar is securely fastened to rear mudguard latch before doing so

Do not carry your scooter using the mudguards

Care & Storage

Clean and store Scooter 

  • Ensure your scooter is turned OFF.
  • Clean your scooter using a damp cloth and non-abrasive cleaners only.
  • If you scratch any plastic parts of your scooter, you can gently rub with sandpaper to help smooth the surface.
  • Do not use a pressure washer on any part of the scooter.
  • Store your scooter in a secure, dry and sheltered area and out of direct sunlight.
  • Do not leave your scooter outside, in the rain or in damp areas.

WARNING : Do not use alcohol, petrol,kerosene or other corrosive solutions,volatile chemical solvents to clean the scooter. Otherwise, it will cause serious damage to the scooter body and can disrupt a structure of internal elements. Ensure power socket is covered at all times to avoid water/moisture/dirt penetrating the socket.

Maintenance of Your Scooter`s Battery

  • Do not use batteries from other brands in order to avoid a dangerous situation;
  • Do not open or disassemble the battery to prevent electric shock. Avoid contact with metal objects to prevent an occurrence of a short circuit. Otherwise, the battery may have malfunction or can injure the user;
  • It is recommended to use an AC adapter that comes in original configuration of the device to prevent an occurrence of an accident or fire of the vehicle;
  • Improper disposal of used batteries and accumulators is the cause of severe environmental pollution.Please dispose of batteries in accordance with local laws.Please do not dispose of batteries together with food waste.Let’s help protect the environment together!
  • After each use of the scooter, charge the battery to prolong its service life.
  • Do not store the battery with depleted charge.
  • Do not store the scooter battery in a temperature that above 50 degrees or below -20 degrees.
  • Do not leave the battery near fire.These actions may deteriorate the battery by overheating and can even cause fire.Please charge your scooter within the first 30 days of purchase, and ensure it is charged at least every 60 days if not in use.This will help prolong the life of your battery.

Adjusting your disc brake

  1. To tighten brake/remove slack from brake lever, use 5mm allen key supplied to loosen brake cable bolt shown below. While loose, pull cable through the caliper and slightly close caliper arms together. To retighten 5mm bolt. To loosen brake, do the exact opposite.

Model Specification

Operating parameters Name parameters
Dimensions Length x Width x


Height[1] (cm)

106 x 42 x 115
Folded:Length x


Width x Height(cm)

106 x 42 x48
weight Gross weight(kg) Approx. 16kg



Max load(kg) 120
Age 14+
Height(cm) 120cm+






Main Parameters

Max speed(km/h) About 25
Approx range (km) Approx. 20
Maximum slope(%) Approx. 11
Suitable area Solid road surfaces and very gentle off-road surfaces. Avoid loose ground and puddles deeper than 2cm
Operating temperature range(℃) -10-40
Temperature of



-20 to 50max
Waterproof level IPX4




Battery Parameters

Rated voltages(VDC) 36V
Max voltage of



Rated power(Wh) 216
Smart battery


management system

Stress ,insufficient voltage, short circuit, auto sleep/wake


up, overheating protection.

Motor Parameters Rated power(W) 250
Max power(w) 550




Battery Parameters

Rated voltages(VDC) 36V
Max voltage of



Rated power(Wh) 216
Smart battery


management system

Stress ,insufficient voltage, short circuit, auto sleep/wake


up, overheating protection.

Motor Parameters Rated power(W) 250
Max power(w) 550






power adaptor parameters

Rated power(W) 71
Rated input voltage(VAC) 100-240V~
Rated output voltage(VDC) 42
Rated current(A) 1.5
Certificate CE,ROHS
Charging time(hrs) Approx 4


Your new Li-Fe scooter is covered by a 12 month warranty. Any claims should be made through your retailer.


Name Information on warranty maintenance Term
Main Unit Frame, hub motor, controller, steering Wheel, handlebar, control panel, rear hub, brakes, disc brakes 1 year
Accessories Battery, power supply, brake level, switching gears 6 months
Exterior& Service consumables Lights, instrument cover, tyres*, inner tubes*, bell, fender, propstand, battery compartment cover, foot pad, charging port 3 months

Please note, general “wear and tear” and accident damage is not included in this warranty.

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