logitech 910-005940 Pro X Superlight Wireless Gaming Mouse User Guide



  1. Mouse
  2. Optional grip tape
  3. Receiver (installed in extension adapter)
  4. USB charging and data cable
  5. Surface preparation cloth
  6. Optional POWERPLAY aperture door with PTFE foot


  1. Left Click
  2. Right Click
  3. Middle Click/Scroll
  4. Browser Forward
  5. Browser Back
  6. Power LED
  7. USB charging/data port
  8. Power on/off
  9. POWERPLAY™ Aperture door


  1. Plug charging/data cable into PC, then plug extension adapter and receiver into charging/data cable
  2. Turn on the mouse
  3. To configure mouse settings like DPI, download G HUB software from logitechG.com/GHUB

For optimal wireless performance, use a mouse within 20cm of the receiver and greater than 2m from sources of 2.4GHz interference (such as wifi routers).

To install optional grip tape, first, clean the surface of a mouse with provided surface preparation cloth to remove any oil or dust. Then, carefully align grip tape to mouse surfaces.

The USB receiver can be stored inside the mouse by removing the POWERPLAY aperture door. This can prevent the receiver from being lost when using the mouse with the Logitech G POWERPLAY wireless charging system.

Removing this door also allows the included, optional aperture door with PTFE foot to be installed instead of the default aperture door.

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