logitech Pro X Wireless LightSpeed Gaming Headset User Guide

logitech Pro X Wireless LightSpeed Gaming Headset

A Quick Look


  1. Microphone mute toggle
  2. Volume wheel
  3. Power switch
  4. USB C charging port
  5. Microphone


  1. Connect microphone to headset
  2. Plug receiver into USB port
  3. Turn on power switch
  4. Download and install optional software.


Microphone mute toggleMicrophone is active when red is not visible. Microphone is muted when red is visible.Volume wheelRotate up to increase OS volume.Rotate down to decrease OS volume.Power switchPower is on when cyan is visible. Power is off when red is visible. Headset will power down automatically after 30 minutes of no audio to save battery life. To resume use, turn the power off, then back on again. Timeout value can be adjusted in G HUB.USB C charging portUse provided USB A to USB C charging cable to charge headset by plugging into USB port on PC. Cable is for charging and firmware update only – audio will not play over wired connection.MicrophoneFor optimal voice pickup, place foam ball approximately two fingers’ width from the corner of your mouth. Blue VO!CE functionality can be enabled using G HUB software.


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