LONPOO LP-D01 Portable CD Boombox User Manual

LONPOO LP-D01 Portable CD Boombox

General Safety Precautions

Always place the appliance on a solid, flat and dry surface.Ensure that your hands are dry when operating appliances, Switches or removing the plug.Keep electrical appliances out of reach of children.The machine is mains or battery operated(4 *type C-not included)Don’t use the appliance in wet and Humid places(e.g. in the bath or shower).


  • CD Player: CD, CD-R/RW
  • FM Tuner–Radio Frequency: 87.5-108MHz
  • USB-M P3/WMA
  • AUX in–connect other external devices
  • Phones–connect your headphones
  • 4-Digit LCD screen
  • AC Power: detachable AC cord (AC100-240V ~so/60Hz)
  • DC Power: requires 4*C Batteries (not included)
  • Sound output: 2W*2
  • Max consumption: 13W
  • Dimensions: 21.0*23.3*11.8cm

Powering the Unit

AC Power

Plug the detachable AC cord into a standard AC outlet (100-240~50/60Hz)

Battery Power

Require 4 C batteries, not included(Please remove the batteries out to kill the power, when do not use it.)

Product Overview

  1. PowerPower on/off.
  2. Backward/Tun-/Forward/Tun+ (Backwards/Previous/Forward/Next)On CD, short press for Previous/Next track. Long press for Backwards/Forward.On radio, Long press TUN-/+ for manual searching.Short press Tun-/+ to jump to previous or next available station.
  3. Function/EQFunction (Radio /CD/ USB/ AUX/ Bluetooth). Short press for Function.EQ (Pop/ Classic/ Rock/ Flat /Jazz). Long press for EQ.
  4. Volume-/Volume+
  5. 11>11 /P+/SCAN (Pause/Programming/Scan)On CD, Play/Pause.On radio, long press to auto Searching, and save automatically.Short press to next saved station.
  6. /REP/MEM (Stop/Repeat/Memory)On CD, short press for Stop.Long press for Repeat ( ONE/ALL/OFF).On Radio, short press for memorized a frequency.
  7. Microphone jack
  8. USB port
  9. AUX in
  10. Open/Close
  11. AC Power input

Using the USB port

  1. Insert a USB (Max 32GB)
  2. Adjust the function to USB mode with FUN
  3. Press FORWARD or BACKWARD button to select the next or Previous

Play a CD

  1. Open the lip and place a CD, CD-R/RW Disk.
  2. Adjust the function to CD mode with FUN Note: Remove the card on CD before playing.

Using the AUX input

  1. Connect a 3.5mm Audio Cable to the AUX input and Audio output to the external device (Smart phone )
  2. Adjust the function to AUX mode with FUN

Tuning the FM Radio

  1. Adjust the function to FM mode with FUN(Extend the FM antenna to improve FM radio reception.)
  2. long press SCAN button to auto Searching, and save (Max save 20 Radio stations)
  3. Long press TUN-/+ for manual searching
  4. Short Press Tun-/+ to jump to previous or next available
  5. RE: Memorized the station you
    1. Choose a station you want to memorized.
    2. Short press MEM, when see a “P” on LCD screen, then short press twice MEM button continuously.(Note: only can memorized one frequency.)

For Bluetooth Connection

  1. Adjust the function to BLUETOOTH mode with FUN
  2. Search and choose Bluetooth name” LP-D0l” on your device

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