LOTUS 50020 Outdoor Sports Watch User Manual


Outdoor Sports Watch50020, 50021, 50022, 50023User Manual

Thank you for your purchase of this Lotus SmarTime watch.This manual gives a full explanation of its operation and functions. Please note that Festina Lotus SA reserves the right to make changes to the contents of this manual without prior notice.

Your purchase should include the smartwatch itself, an additional strap, a manual & a charging cable.

The product should not be worn in the shower or sauna as steam may enter the watch. Any water damage to the product due to non-compliance with the instructions is not covered by the warranty.

Ensure that the two pins of the USB cable are not allowed to contact the conductor at the same time, this may cause a short circuit and burnout.

Charging Guide

Magnetic charging is as shown below via a computer USB or 5V charger. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the watch.

The connection between device and mobile phone.

Firstly, download APP “Lotus SmarTime” and install it.

Using the browser to scan the QR CODE

Swipe down on the watch display, tap the QR CODE to enlarge it. Scan the code with your mobile device and install the Lotus SmarTime APP on your mobile phone.


During installation enable all options for the APP.

  • After installation, ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile phone and that the watch is turned on.
  • Open the APP.
  • The first time you open the APP you need to log in. You can choose either to register an account or log in anonymously.
  • If you choose to create an account, your data collected by the watch will be saved in the APP as soon as synchronized and the history will be saved even if you delete the APP or change the device.
  • If you choose to log in anonymously the collected data will be deleted if you delete the APP or reinstall it.
  • To connect the watch with the APP, choose Device in the APP and tap “Connect device”. The APP will search for the watch Lotus S5. When it appears in the list, tap the name and the watch and the APP will start to connect. Please accept when you are prompted for pairing.
  • Some Android phones need to turn on the GPS to find the device.

How to set message notification via phone’s settings-APP management, enable all options on the “Lotus SmarTime”.

Enter into the phone’s Settings-Notifications ­ Lotus SmarTime – Allow Notifications, Click the button to open the permission. Start the APP “Lotus SmarTime” / Device / App notification and select permission accordingly.

How to operate if the watch cannot receive notifications?

  1. Ensure the watch is connected to the APP
  2. Ensure that the button for message push is already turned on in the APP.
  3. Please confirm whether the messages can be displayed normally in the mobile phone notification bar. If there is no notification, please follow the instructions on how to set up a message notification to turn on the notification for the phone APP.

Simple handling method for common problems

Due to the differences between different mobile phone models, sometimes the Bluetooth connection between the mobile phone and the watch may be unstable. To reconnect please disable the Bluetooth function on the mobile phone, forget the device and reconnect it or restart the mobile phone, or restart the watch, or do a watch factory reset by holding the pusher for 10 sec.

Shortcut watch features

  1.  Notification menuSwipe from left to right on the dial.
  2.  Heart rateSwipe from right to left on the dial interface to start heart rate testing.
  3. Status barSwipe the dial interface from top to bottom to display Bluetooth connection status/ad.just screen brightness/power / QR code.
  4. MenuSwipe the dial interface from bottom to top to enter the menu interface, slide up / down to select the function and tap or slide from left to right to enter the function.
  5. Watch FacesLong tap the dial to enter the optional watch faces. Slide left and right, and when selected, tap the screen.
  6. Top buttonShort press to return to the dial interface or turn on / off the screen, long press to power on/off the watch.
  7.  Lower buttonIn the dial interface, short press to turn on / off the screen. In other interfaces, short press to exit one level.

Main functions introductionSwipe from bottom to top on the dial to enter the main menu, you can swipe up and down to select the desired function. To enter the function swipe from right to left or tap the display.

  1. TemperatureFrom dial, swipe up to find the temperature feature. Tap to start the measuring and the temperature will be displayed. (The watch needs to be worn tight on the wrist for a few minutes.)
  2.  Health managementWhen measuring, please wear ensure your watch is fitted snugly to your wrist.2.1 Heart rateEnsure the watch is snugly fit to your wrist. Click the icon, the real-time heart rate value can be measured in 15 seconds and the screen will turn off after 5 seconds. You can also set the Heart rate monitor function in the APP/Device.2.2 Blood pressureWhen monitoring, please relax your hand to get as accurate data as possible, the data will be confirmed after about 10 seconds.2.3 Sleep recordYour sleep duration and quality will be recorded every day from 9 PM to 9 AM on the following morning to help you better adjust your work and rest time and improve sleep quality. Check out the deep sleep, light sleep, and total sleep duration readings.
  3. Remote musicWhen connected to the APP you can control the music playing on your mobile phone (functions: previous song, next song, start, pause).
  4.  StopwatchStart and pause the stopwatch on the display.
  5. DataSee the calories burned, steps and distance per 24 hours. The data will be automatically cleared at 12 o’clock every night.
  6. SportChoose between walking, running, climbing, cycling, indoor running or freestyle exercise. Select the sport by selecting the Sport mode and then selecting the desired type of sport mode. To stop/save or delete, swipe the screen to the right. Saved data will be synchronized from the device to the APP when they are connected.
  7. Settings7.1 Vibration The vibration option can be turned on or off to receive information.7.2 Wrist Move your hand to brighten the screen, you can turn on or off.7.3 Brightness adjustment There are three levels, low, medium and high.7.4 Reset Click and confirm to delete all watch records and restore the factory settings.7.5 Power off Click and confirm to shut down the device.7.6 About You can view the Bluetooth address and software version of the watch.

Watch face customization

  1. The watch face can be defined by the user by long pressing on the Device-Watch face to enter into the watch face customization menu. Swipe to right or left and tap again to select.
  2.  In the APP, go to Device/Watch face/ and tap selected watch face and tap “watch face” to push the dial to the watch.
  3.  In the APP you can customize your watch face. Select the custom watch face and tap the camera icon to take or add a photo. There are three optional time display modes
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Select one mode. When content taps the “Watch Face” to upload to watch.


The method of capturing the heart rate through an optical sensor used by this LOTUS watch does not reach the level of precision and accuracy of a professional medical device, nor can it guarantee the equivalent stable readings. The watch cannot replace a medical device in its function of detecting or diagnosing pathologies, heart or other diseases. Consequently and with respect to this function, the device is for recreational use only. Multiple factors (including the level of skin contact, pigmentation, tattoos, sudden arm movements, etc) can alter the accuracy of the data provided by the sensor. Please keep in mind that the actual heart rate may be higher or lower than the reading indicated by the optical sensor at a given time.

If you suspect any anomaly, always consult your doctor, and in case of emergency, immediately contact the emergency services in your area.

Festina Lotus SAassumes no responsibility for any claim that may arise from the use and/or interpretation that the user of the device and/or third parties may make of the heart rate information provided by their devices.

By virtue of the regulations pursuant to the handling of waste products deriving from electronic and electrical equipment, end of lifecycle watch-making products must be selectively collected for processing. You may therefore dispose of your quartz watch-making products at any of our retail outlets or any other authorized collection point. The selective collection, processing, rating, and recycling of these products help contribute to safeguarding the environment and protecting our health.

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