LUMEX 6810A Drop Arm Versamode User Guide

LUMEX 6810A Drop Arm Versamode



  • DO NOT use this product without first completely reading and understanding these instructions and any additional instructional material such as owner’s manuals, service manuals or instruction sheets supplied with this product. If you are unable to understand the warnings, cautions or instructions, contact a healthcare professional, dealer or technical personnel before attempting to use this equipment – otherwise, injury or damage may occur.
  • Users with limited physical capabilities should be supervised or assisted when using the commode.
  • This product has a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs – EVENLY DISTRIBUTED.
  • GF Health Products, Inc. assumes no responsibility for any damage or injury caused by improper installation, assembly, or use of this product.
  • Make sure that all attaching hardware, screws, nuts and/or bolts are tight at all times.
  • The commode seat MUST be installed before sitting on the commode.
  • DO NOT place weight on front of arm; doing so could cause the arm to drop unexpectedly. Place weight vertically on armrest ONLY (see figure 1).
  • If components are damaged or missing, contact your GF Health Products, Inc. distributor immediately.


  • Use a mild soap and water solution, rinse with clear water, then dry with a soft cloth. Ensure that product is well rinsed before using.
  • Never use organic solvents, abrasive cleaners, or scouring pads on any part of the product.
  • Check fit and tightness of all nuts, bolts and knobs weekly to ensure that product is safe to use.
  • To guarantee the best service from your product, always specify Lumex replacement parts, available from your GF Health Products, Inc. authorized distributor.For more information regarding GF Health Products, Inc. products, parts and services, please contact your distributor or visit us online at


  1. Carefully remove components from box.
  2. Install back and arm assembly on base and seat frame assembly by inserting back tubes into base frame tubes. If necessary loosen, but do not remove, knobs.
  3. Tighten knobs at rear seat until secure — do not overtighten.
  4. Install footrests on base frame footrest brackets. Lock footrests into place.
  5. Slide the commode pail in under the seat from the backNOTE: Before use, ensure all components are securely installed and VersaMode is assembled as described above.

DROP ARMRESTThe VersaMode armrests drop to facilitate transfer. To drop the armrest, pull the release lever outward until the armrest releases, lift the armrest up out of the socket, then swing it downward.LOCK REAR CASTERSThe rear casters lock into place to prevent movement. To lock, step on the rear pedal until it latches. To unlock, step on the rear pedal until it unlatches.SWING AWAY / REMOVE FOOTRESTSThe VersaMode footrests swing away or detach to facilitate transfer. To swing the footrest away, depress the footrest release lever and swing it out of the way. To remove the footrest, swing it away, then lift it up off the brackets. To lock the footrest in place, swing it in toward the center of the VersaMode until it locks into place.


  • Arms drop independently below seat level for lateral transfers
  • Cushioned armrests enhance user comfort
  • Comes complete with commode pail, cover and splash shield
  • 300 lb Weight Capacity EVENLY DISTRIBUTED
  • Designed to meet the requirements of HCPCS code: E0165


GF Health Products, Inc. (“GF”) warrants to the original retail purchaser or lessee (either is the “Customer”) only, that it will replace or repair components, at GF’s sole discretion, that are defective in material or workmanship under normal use and service. The warranty is for parts only and does not include labor or costs of shipping. All warranties are conditioned upon the proper use of the product strictly in accordance with applicable GF instructions. Product provided to users as rentals must be serviced by the provider and inspected prior to delivery. Each user must be properly trained on the operation and safety of this product prior to use. Within the guidelines set forth in this document, the frame is warranted for five (5) years and the normal wear components such as tips, wheels/casters, and handgrips are warranted for three (3) months. The applicable warranty period shall commence from date of shipment to the Customer, unless there is an expiration date on the component in which case the warranty shall expire on the earlier of the warranty period or the expiration date.

OBTAINING WARRANTY SERVICEThis limited warranty shall only apply to defects that are reported to the Dealer from whom the Customer purchased the product within the applicable warranty period. If there is not a Dealer, you must contact GF directly by calling (678) 291-3207, sending a fax request to (770) 368-2386 or by e-mailing a request to [email protected]. Specific directions will be provided by the Customer Service Representative.

EXCLUSIONSThe warranty does not cover and GF shall not be liable for the following:

  1. Defects, damage, or other conditions caused by misuse, abuse, negligence, alteration, accident, freight damage, tampering or failure to seek and obtain repair or replacement in a timely manner;
  2. Products not installed, used, or properly cleaned and maintained; and 3) Labor or shipping charges. Other exclusions apply. Additional limitations relative to this warranty may be found on Terms and Conditions page.State laws governing the warranty of this product may provide more expanded rights than those set forth in this warranty. ENTIRE WARRANTY, EXCLUSIVE REMEDY AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES DISCLAIMER THIS WARRANTY IS GF’S ONLY WARRANTY AND IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED.
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