LUMINOR GUV-B1 UV Powered Self-Cleaning Water Bottle User Guide

UV Powered Self-Cleaning Water BottleUser guide

Your new water bottle

Congratulations on purchasing your new GLACIER UV water bottle. By purchasing this self-cleaning water bottle, you’ll have peace of mind that you are drinking pure, clean water, while doing your part to help reduce plastic waste.Please be sure to read this manual before use and follow all product instructions and safety considerations.


Children should not use this product unsupervised.Inspect the water bottle for any defects before initial use.Make sure the lid is tightened before operating disinfection modes.Do not put a water bottle in the freezer or microwave oven.Do not submerge the cap in water or other liquid as this will damage the water bottle.Always choose a reliable, visually clear water source.This LW LED bottle is intended for water only.

Instructions for use

Step 1CleanBefore first use, rinse inside the bottle with soap and water. Unscrew the lid, and wipe the glass surface with a soft cloth, ensuring that there is no dirt or impurities to interfere with the UV light.

Step 2FillFill the bottle with clear water•. Ensure that the water-resistant plug is securely fastened.Step 3Choose the modeOn-DemandPURPLE LEDDisinfect your drinking water with a touch of a button In On-Demand mode. Tighten the lid and press the power button for three (3) seconds. The indicator light will turn purple and On-Demand mode will begin. After disinfection is complete (approx. 1.5 minutes), the LED light turns off and your water is ready to drink.

Self CleaningGREEN LEDKeep your water bottle clean and free from bacteria and viruses In Self Cleaning mode. While indicator light is purple. Press and hold the power button for five(5) seconds. The indicator light will turn green and Self Cleaning mode will begin. After disinfection is complete (approx. 1.5 minutes), the LED light turns off and the UVC cycle will repeat every 6 hours.To toggle between modes, hold the power button until color changes.

Step 4ChargingOpen the USB•C charging port cover to connect the charger. The indicator light is red while charging. The light turns off when the charge is complete.• Please note, this system is NOT intended to convert wastewater or raw sewage to drinking water. Use only visually clear water in this device.

Replacement parts

Silicone fittings need to be inspected regularly. If there is any damage or irregularity due to normal wear and tear, you should replace these fittings immediately. {RN GUV-G)

Product warranty

Your GLACIER UV LED water bottle is warrantied to the original user, to be free of defects in material and workmanship, for ninety190) days from the date of purchase. The warranty does not include product damage caused by improper use, or normal wear and tear over the lifetime of the water bottle.

99.9% Effective control against water containing bacteria & viruses

About us

LUMINOR Environmental Inc. is committed to providing environmentally friendly solutions to aid our global customer base in the quest for safe, clean water. With the use of non-invasive technologies such as ultraviolet light, LUMINOR stands ready to address water quality issues with safe, easy-to-use, and value-driven products for a variety of applications.Contact our customer support at [email protected], with any questions about your GLACIER UV LED water bottle, or for more information on LUMINOR’s other UV disinfection products.

As a conscientious corporation that values the environment, LUMINOR donates a portion of our profits to the organization, Water for People.


UMINOR Environmental Inc.80 Southgate Drive, Unit 4Guelph, Ontario, Canada Ni G 4P5(519) 837-3800[email protected]

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