LuvLap C120 2-in-1 Baby Stroller User Manual

2-1N-1 STROLLERUser Manual

Kindly read the instructions given in the manual carefully and retain it for future reference. If the instructions given in the manual are ignored, it may cause a threat to the baby’s safety.

Loose parts inside the box

Note: If any part is missing, please inform your distributor/retailer.

Installation Guidelines

  1. Open the body by grasping the backrest and the handrail of the stroller. Then apply force on the back so that the hooks reach the bolt and the double lock.
  2. Push down the front wheel holder to open the notch lock and rotate as shown. Insert the wheels in the holder. Push the red button down to lock and stop the wheels from rotating.
  3. Insert the handlebar in the sockets provided on both sides of the stroller, press the handlebar locks and push it inside the socket.
  4. Insert the food tray into the socket by pushing the lock.
  5. To lock the canopy, press down the braces on both sides.
  6. Attach the basket at the bottom of the stroller in the slot provided at the bottom and retain the basket with the help of the velcro straps.

The stroller can be converted into a rocker. Pull the front wheels down to unlock the notch and rotate them towards the direction of the arrow shown.

Functional Guidelines

  1. To stop the stroller, step down on the brake.
  2. The handlebar is reversible. Press the button in the direction shown. Pull out the handrail towards the desired direction.
  3. The backrest can be adjusted in 3 positions: 115°,150°, and 170°, with the help of the backrest bar.
  4. The footrest is can be adjusted with the help of a footrest rod.

Folding Guidelines

  1. Loosen the brace and tighten the canopy.
  2. Remove the basket and the food table.
  3. Flatten the footrest.
  4. Separate the double lock, step the stick down and loosen the hook.
  5. Hold the stick and the handrail together tightly.
  6. Fasten the hook.

Usage of Belt: The belt tightness can be adjusted as required.Warning: The belt must be fastened when in use.


Use the safety bell correctly to avoid any injury.Do not leave an unattended baby on the stole.Do not let the Infant to stand on the stroller.Prevent the Want from climbing on the stroller.The infant should be assisted by an adult wNe getting in and out of the stroller.Brakes must be used while putting the Infant In or taking the infant out of the stroller.Keep any from fire.Do not use the stroller on steep slopes, starless, rough roads any other dangerouthisk prone sites.Don’t cony more than one child in a stroller.Don’t use any spare or accessory parts which are not supplied by the manufacturer.Always apply brakes to rear wheels when the stroller is not in motion.The stroller can carry a child weighing up to 15 kg (0-3 years), the basket can retain a weight of 3 kg.Always make sure the brakes are locked before use.The extra cushion used, If any, should not be thicker than 10 mm.Do not put plastic bags near the child to avoid asphyxia.Do rot place any extra object which may cause danger.

Preventive measures

  1. Always check for loose screws, aging accessories and tattering stitch ends in the materials.
  2. Keep the stroller away from sharp objects which could hurt the baby.
  3. My sort of impact or external force should be avoided as the child may be affected.
  4. While washing fabrics, use neutral detergents n 10° – 401c lukewarm water to avoid fabric damage.
  5. The rotation gears should be lubricated to maintain flexibility in rotation.
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