LUXTON Premium Memory Foam Massage Table User Manual

LUXTONPremium Memory Foam Massage TableUser Manual

Precautionary Instructions

  1. Maintain the table periodically. Make sure all screws are secure and the cable has not deteriorated or frayed. Make sure there is no crack on the wooden structure.
  2. Do not overload the table beyond the recommended weight limit. This could result in serious injury to the user. This product is tested to hold a max working load of 250 kgs.
  3. Do not use alcohol based cleaners when cleaning the vinyl. This could cause damage to the vinyl material. For PVC leather, use warm soapy water and wipe dry. For PU leather, use dry cloth to clean the leather.
  4. Make sure when using the table that all four legs are at the same level. Using the legs at different levels can cause the table to be unstable and cause injury.
  5. Do not allow children to assemble or disassemble the massage table for you unless under supervision.
  6. Be careful when using sharp objects as they can pierce the covering. Keep the table’s covering away from being contacted by the sharp items.


  1. Handle
  2. Copper button
  3. End plate
  4. Outlet
  5. Rubber foot
  6. Cable
  7. Headrest
  8. Hanged armrest pad
  9. Side armrests
  10. Face hole

Setting Up Your Table

Steps are as below:

  1. Release the buckle.
  2. Lay the table on its side with four rubber feet on the floor, open up the table with four legs extend as full as possible.
  3. Take out all accessories.
  4. Lift the table up until all legs are on the floor.
  5. Put accessories into the corresponding outlets, put on the hanged armrest or sling on the headrest cradle.
  6. Release the side handle and press it in once the headrest is adjusted to the required position.
  7. Now the table is ready for your use.

Note: The height of table is adjustable by turning off the knobs on the leg and take out the movable leg to adjust the height by choosing the holes on the movable leg, put back onto the leg and fasten the knobs firmly. Four legs should be done in the same way one by one and make sure all legs are adjusted into same height level.

Close and transport table

  1. Lift up the backrest to the max and put down the backrest, lock the buckle.
  2. Take out all accessories.
  3. Lay the table on its side with four rubber feet on the ground.
  4. Put all accessories under the elastic strap under the top veneer.
  5. Fold the legs on each end at angle towards inside by pressing the corresponding support arms.
  6. Fold the table up and lock the buckle.
  7. Carrying the table like suitcase by grasping the handle.

Warning: If the frame/legs/table structure is damaged in anyway, then you should not use this table. Using this table when damaged may cause harm or serious injury to you or your patient. You should seek repair immediately.

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