LUXUL SW-100-05PD PoE+ Powered 5 Port Gigabit Compact Switch Installation Guide

Quick Install GuidePoE+ Powered 5 Port Gigabit Compact SwitchSW-100-05PD

Setting up your switch:

  1. Place your new switch in the desired location
  2. Connect a PoE+ Ethernet network cable to port 5
  3. Attach devices via Ethernet cables Ports 1- 3: Gigabit Ethernet ports Port 4: PoE (15W) output port

What if…

Do I need to restart my switch?To restart your switch, unplug the Ethernet cable from port 5 for 5 seconds.

Where is my power supply?The SW-100-05PD is a PoE+ powered switch and simply requires an 802.3at/POE+ power source.

What do the LEDs on the switch indicate?

Indicator Front Back State Description
30W PoE+ In Green Amber Solid Receiving PoE+ power as per 802.3at specification
Off No PoE+ power detected

PoE Out

Green Amber Solid Port is connected properly and supplying 15W of power
Off No power or device detected
Link/ Activity Green Amber Solid Port is connected properly
Blinking Data is being transmitted or received over port
Off Port is disconnected or not properly connected to a device

Note: Back green LEDs, top right of each port, are currently unused

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