MEELECTRONICS Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Sports In-Ear Headphones X7 User Manual

MEELECTRONICS Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Sports
In-Ear Headphones X7 User Manual



Right Earpiece 

  • 1. Status indicator light
  • 2. Built-in microphone


  • 3. Micro-USB charging port
  • 4. Volume up/skip track button
  • 5. Multifunction button
  • 6. Volume down/previous track button


*** You must completely charge the headset before the first use ***

Connect the Micro-USB charging cable to any powered USB port and to the charging port of the Sport-Fi X7, which is located underneath a cover on the remote. Charge time is approximately 90 minutes. The status indicator light on the right earpiece will stay red while the headset is charging and turn blue once it is charged and ready for use.

When the battery is low, the headset will say “battery low”.

Apple® devices such as the iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod® touch will display an on-screen headset battery indicator when the X7 is connected.

Note: the lifetime of the battery will be significantly reduced if your headset is not charged for a long period of time. It is recommended to charge your headset at least once a month.


The Sport-Fi X7 is an in-ear earphone and relies on a tight seal between the eartips and your ear canals to deliver good bass response and overall sound quality. Three sizes of ear tips are included to help you achieve the best fit. We recommend trying all three sizes and selecting the ones with the best sound and comfort for your ears.

Select eartips that:

  • Allow the earphone to fit flush in your ear
  • Seal with your ear canal and reduce outside noise when inserted
  • Provide the best bass response

Removing Eartips

Hold the eartip firmly in one hand and the earpiece in the other. Pull the eartip straight off the earphone nozzle.

Installing Eartips

STEP 1.Hold the earpiece in one hand and the eartip in the other with its open end facing the earpiece.

STEP 2.Push the inner tube of the eartip onto the earphone nozzle at an angle and work onto the nozzle.

STEP 3.Once on the nozzle, straighten the eartip out and push until the bottom of the eartip is flush against the base of the earphone nozzle (this will push the nozzle through the front of the eartip).

STEP 4.Gently pull the eartip back to desired position. Check to make sure it is installed securely.

Note: If your music sounds tinny or lacks bass, try different eartips.


The Sport-Fi X7 features an over-the-ear fit with a flexible “memory wire” section located near the earpieces. Wearing the earphones correctly will ensure the most comfortable and secure fit:

  1. Identify the right and left earpieces.
  2. Place the cable behind your neck and put the earphones in your ears.
  3. Adjust each earpiece until it fits flush in your ear and the eartip seals in the ear canal.
  4. Bend the memory wire around your ears to achieve a conforming fit.
  5. Tighten the sliding cable cinch to fix the earphones in place for the most secure fit

CORRECT FIT: Cable over-the-ear and earphones flush in the ear.


The Sport-Fi X7 is ideal for exercise as the over-the-ear fit will keep it in place during just about any activity. Tighten the cable cinch behind your neck to make the fit even more secure. If you must remove and reinsert the ear pieces during a workout, avoid getting sweat in the nozzle as this will cause a temporary reduction/loss of sound. Please do not use earphones while performing activities that require you to hear your surroundings.


To turn on, press and hold the Multifunction button for about 2 seconds. The headset will say “power on” and the blue status indicator light will flash.

To turn off, press and hold the Multifunction button for about 4 seconds. The headset will say “power off” and the red status indicator light will flash.


*** Your headset must be paired to a Bluetooth device before it can be used. It is only necessary to pair your headset once with each device. ***

  1. Make sure the Sport-Fi X7 is turned off and within 1 meter of your device. Press and hold the Multifunction button for about 5 seconds until you hear the headset say “Pairing”. The status indicator light will flash red and blue in an alternating pattern while the X7 is in pairing mode. (Note: The headset will exit pairing mode if not paired within 2 minutes)
  2. Open the Bluetooth menu on the device you wish to pair (see Locating the Bluetooth menu section below for more details). Some devices require you to select “search for devices” or “add new device” in order to create a Bluetooth pairing.
  3. Wait until you see “Sport-Fi X7” on the screen of your device.
  4. Select “Sport-Fi X7” on your device and follow any further prompts to pair. Use “0000” if a pin is required. Once connected, the headset will say “Connection successful”.


iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

  1. On your device, open the Settings menu
  2. Select Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is not on, turn it on. The iPhone/iPad/iPod will automatically search for new devices

Android™ Phones and Tablets

  1. On your device, open the Settings menu
  2. Select Bluetooth (on older Android devices Bluetooth is found in the Wireless & Networks menu). If Bluetooth is not on, turn it on. Select “Search for Devices” if your phone or tablet does not automatically search for new devices

Windows® Phone 8 devices

  1. On your device, open the Settings menu
  2. Select Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is not on, turn it on. The Windows phone will automatically search for new devices

Computers, Laptops, and Other Devices

Visit for pairing, connecting, and setup information.

If pairing fails after several tries, please refer to your device’s user manual for further information. Visit for instructional pairing videos, troubleshooting, and Bluetooth connectivity information.


Once the Sport-Fi X7 is turned on, it will automatically connect with the last paired Bluetooth device that is on and within range. If the Sport-Fi X7 is not connected automatically, tap the Multifunction button to initiate connection with last paired device. If the headset still does not connect, open the Bluetooth menu on your device and select “Sport-Fi X7” from the Bluetooth device list.

Note: Device must be set to allow automatic connections. On some computers, Bluetooth audio must be enabled manually every time you connect.


The Sport-Fi X7 can control media and phone calls from a smartphone or tablet.

Adjusting Volume

Note: volume adjustments made while playing media will change the volume of the headset independently of the connected device. Raise or lower device volume as needed to further increase or decrease the overall volume. Some newer devices use AVRCP 1.3 Bluetooth Profile, which will allow the Sport-Fi X7 to control the device volume directly.

Controlling Phone Calls

* If you answer a call from your phone when a headset is connected, some phones will activate the phone handset

Controlling Media Playback

* You may need to focus on the media player application by bringing it up on the screen for initial playback to start.** Not all media players support this functionality.

Note: If you answer or make a call while listening to media, the media will be paused until the call has ended.

Additional Functionality

* Standby mode: the headset is connected but with no media playing and no phone calls in progress.** Not all devices support this functionality. For more information, refer to the user manual for your device.


Multipoint PairingMultipoint allows two Bluetooth devices to be connected to the Sport-Fi X7 simultaneously. Both devices will need to be paired before multipoint can be used.

To use two Bluetooth devices with the Sport-Fi X7, first pair them by following the pairing procedure described in the Pairing with Bluetooth devices section for each device and then turn off the headset.

When turned on again, the X7 will automatically attempt to connect to the 2 most recently-paired devices, as long as they have Bluetooth enabled and are within range. If a device that has already been paired does not connect automatically, select “Sport-Fi X7” from the Bluetooth menu of the device.

If you no longer wish to connect to multiple devices, disable Bluetooth on the device you do not want connected to the X7 or remove the “Sport-Fi X7” pairing from the Bluetooth menu of the device.

Multipoint Functionality

*It may take up to 60 seconds for audio to switch

Incoming calls will always take precedence over media. If media is playing on one device and an incoming call is received on the other device, the Sport-Fi X7 will pause the media on the active device and activate the device with the incoming call. Once the call has ended, the X7 will reactivate the original device and resume playback (with most media applications).

For phone call controls, see the Controlling Phone Calls section.


The status indicator light of the Sport-Fi X7 is located on the right earpiece.


  • When not in use, power the headset off and store in the included protective carrying case.
  • Battery performance will be severely decreased when stored in extreme temperatures: below -10°C/14°F or above 45°C/113°F including direct sunlight.
  • There are no user replaceable/reparable parts in the headset.Disassembling it will void your warranty.
  • If the device comes in contact with liquids, quickly wipe away.If submersed in water, do not turn the device on until completely dried.Note: liquid submersion voids the warranty.
  • Do not use around flammable gasses as fire or explosion may occur
  • Keep the device and packaging out of reach of children
  • Replacement accessories are available online at


  1. Remove ear tips from earphones
  2. Take a cotton swab damp with a small amount of rubbing alcohol or soapy water. Swab the body of the earphones and eartips.Note: Eartips can also be submerged fully in rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide
  3. Allow the earphones and eartips to dry completely
  4. Put the eartips back on the earphones, making sure they are fitted securely


Using headphones at high to moderate volumes for extended periods of time will result in permanent hearing damage. It is advised you keep volume levels moderate to low at all times for your safety. Do not use while driving a car, cycling, operating machinery, or performing other activities that require hearing surrounding sounds.

It is advised to turn the volume on your device all the way down before connecting your headphones, then gradually increase the volume until you reach a comfortable listening level.


Visit for additional Bluetooth information and troubleshooting.


See the Sport-Fi X7 product page at for product specifications.


The Sport-Fi X7 is covered by a 1-year manufacturer warranty. For more information, visit

MEELECTRONICS Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Sports In-Ear Headphones X7 User Manual – MEELECTRONICS Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Sports In-Ear Headphones X7 User Manual –

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