AQUALAB TDL Water Activity Meter User Guide

AQUALAB TDL Water Activity Meter User Guide



Inspect and verify that all AQUALAB TDL components arrived in good condition.

Select a clean, level location where the temperature is stable. Locations with high temperature variability (e.g., next to air conditioners, heater vents, or open windows) can affect the accuracy of readings.


The accuracy of the AQUALAB TDL should be verified at least once per shift. If the verification standards read out of specification, the instrument needs to be cleaned.

For detailed instructions on how to verify and clean the AQUALAB TDL, visit or consult the AQUALAB TDL User Manual (

To reduce the chance of the sample material contaminating the measurement chamber, keep the AQUALAB TDL on a level surface at all times. Do not move the instrument while a sample is loaded into the chamber.

For more information on preventing contamination, visit or consult the AQUALAB TDL User Manual.

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Measuring Moisture Content

These quick start instructions apply to measuring water activity with the AQUALAB TDL. For instructions on measuring moisture content, consult the AQUALAB TDL User Manual.


1. Turn the Instrument OnPlug the power cord into the back of the AQUALAB TDL unit and into an outlet.

Flip the black power switch on the back of the instrument.

Allow the AQUALAB TDL a warmup period to ensure accurate readings.

2. Perform Initial VerificationFrom the given verification standards, choose standards that best represents the product being measured. If the verification does not pass, consult the AQUALAB TDL User Manual to apply an offset.

3. Prepare the sampleFill a sample cup half full, covering the bottom of the cup. Do not overfill. Clean the rim and outside surfaces of the sample cup.

4. Take a ReadingPlace the sample cup in the sample chamber.

Close the chamber carefully, and move latch to the READ position to start the measurement. The AQUALAB TDL will beep and display the measurement results when the test is complete.


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