Infrared Thermometer ZL6 Instruction Manual

Infrared Thermometer ZL6


Inspect and verify components are intact. The installation will require a 31.8- to 50.8-mm (1.25- to 2-in) diameter mounting pole and a mounting bracket. Before beginning installation, consider the surroundings and avoid obstructions.Set up and test the system (sensors and data loggers) in a lab or office. Ensure the data loggers are using up-to-date firmware and software. Check the following locations for firmware and software updates:

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Mount the sensor to get the desired field of view (FOV). For help in calculating the FOV, use the calculator from Apogee found at Plug the sensor cable into the data logger. Use data logger software to apply appropriate settings to the sensors plugged into each data logger port. Gather and secure the cables to the mounting pole in one or more places to relieve strain on the connections.

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