METER ES-2 Electrical Conductivity + Temperature User Guide

METERES-2Electrical Conductivity + Temperature


The ES-2 is designed to measure the electrical conductivity and temperature of water-based solutions.

PreparationConfirm that ES-2 components are intact. Gather the necessary pipe fittings and glue or suspension setup for the desired installation type as well as the necessary items for the data acquisition system installation.Read the full ES-2 User Manual at All products have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.Before going to the field, connect the ES-2 to the data acquisition system and ensure proper communication.


ES-2 sensors are fully integrated into the METER system of plug-and-play sensors used with both the METER AROYA System and software for horticulture and the METER SENTRA System and software for science and agriculture.Refer to the AROYA Hardware QuickStart and the AROYA User Manual at for specific details on how to use the ES-2 with the AROYA System.Refer to the SENTRA Setup Support Video at Sentra-setup for specific details on how to use the ES-2 with the SENTRA System.Information for use with non-METER data acquisition systems can be found in the ES-2 Integrator Guide at best results, use the latest versions of METER software and firmware for the computer or mobile device, products, and sensors.


1Install Sensor Pipe Installation. Apply PVC glue to the outside of the end cap, following the manufacturer’s instructions. DO NOT apply glue to cap slots. Slide the ES-2 into a 1-in Tee socket pipe fitting, ensuring the end cap alignment notch is in the direction of flow. Orient the cable end down or to the side. Secure and protect cables with PVC casing or flexible conduit.

Tank or Water Body Installation.Suspend the sensor in the tank or water body away from the sides of the tank or water body as much as possible. Secure and protect cables with PVC casing or flexible conduit.

2. Check Sensor OperationConnect the sensor to the data acquisition device and check sensor operation.

3. Configure Software

Use the application software to apply appropriate settings to the sensors plugged into the data acquisition device. Review data and check values.


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