PAWKIT Water Activity Meter User Guide

PAWKIT Water Activity Meter User Guide


Confirm that all AQUALAB PAWKIT components are intact. For set up before taking a reading, gather the following items from the kit: sample material and cup, verification standards, PAWKIT meter.

Read the full AQUALAB PAWKIT manual at All products have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Verification Versus Calibration


The PAWKIT needs to be verified with a primary and secondary verification standard every day. Measuring one standard at the bottom of a water activity range and one towards the top of the range will alert the operator to shifts in the calibration.


If a shift occurs and the standard isn’t measuring within specifications, clean the instrument. If the standard is still not measuring within specifications, start with the 0.760 standard and adjust the calibration up or down. Then move on to the 0.250 or 0.920 standard as appropriate. Refer to the user manual for detailed instructions.

NOTE: Adjusting the calibration of the instrument should only be done when the verification standards are not reading within specifications.


  1. Select LocationPlace the PAWKIT on a level surface when measuring to ensure correct and consistent operation. This also prevents the risk of spilling inside the PAWKIT. Place the PAWKIT where the temperature remains fairly stable to avvoid inaccurate readings.
  2. Prepare SampleTake special care when preparing the sample in order to get the best readings possible. Always use clean sampling practices to ensure accurate and repeatable readings. Use a homogenous sample, wash hands thoroughly, fill sample cup no more than half full, and clean the sample cup’s bottom, edges, and rim thoroughly with KIMWIPES® strips.
  3. Place SampleOpen the PAWKIT sensor cover and rotate and snap into open position. Place prepared sample cup on a level surface. Place opened PAWKIT onto the prepared sample cup.
  4. Take a ReadingPress the I button to turn PAWKIT on. Press the I button a second time to begin the water activity measurement. After 5 min, the PAWKIT displays the final water activity and beeps 5 times.


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