Metra Nissan Altima Installation Guide

Metra Nissan Altima Installation Guide


  • ISO DDIN radio provision
  • Painted high gloss gray


  • A) Radio trim panel
  • B) Radio brackets

WIRING & ANTENNA CONNECTIONS  (sold separately)Wiring Harness: • 70-7552Antenna Adapter: • 40-NI12Steering wheel control interface: • ASWC-1 (sold separately)


  • Panel removal tool
  • Phillips screwdriver

CAUTION! All accessories, switches, climate controls panels, and especially air bag indicator lights must be connected before cycling the ignition. Also, do not remove the factory radio with the key in theon position, or while the vehicle is running.

Dash Disassembly

  1. Unclip the right side of the driver’s knee bolster panel next to the center console and let hang. (Figure A)Figure ANote: There is no need to completely remove the panel.
  2. Unclip and remove the (2) silver side trim panels from each side of the factory radio. (Figure B)Figure B
  3. Unclip and remove the trim panel below the climate control panel.
  4. Remove the (4) Phillips screws securing the climate control panel and a/c vent panel. (Figure C)Figure C
  5. Remove the climate control panel. (Figure D)                      Figure D
  6. Remove the a/c vent panel. (Figure E)Figure E
  7. Remove the (4) Phillips screws securing the radio, and then remove. (Figure F)Figure F
  8. If equipped with automatic climate controls, remove the(2) Phillips screws securing the climate module under the radio.This module will be reused in Kit Assembly.Continue to Kit Assembly

Kit Assembly

ISO DDIN radio provision 

  1. If equipped with automatic climate controls, secure the climate module removed in Dash Disassembly, to the radio brackets, using the factory hardware. (Figure A)
  2. Slide the radio into the completed assembly, and then secure it using the screws supplied with the radio. (Figure A)                                Figure A
  3. Locate the factory wiring harness and antenna connector in the dash.Metra recommends using the proper mating adapters from Metra and/or AXXESS.
  4. Reassemble the dash in reverseorder of disassembly.

IMPORTANTIf you are having difficulties with the installation of this product, please call our Tech Support line at 1-800-253-TECH.Before doing so, look over the instructions a second time, and make sure the installation was performed exactly as the instructions are stated. Please have the vehicle apart and ready to perform troubleshooting steps before calling.


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