Midea MK-HE1508 1.5L Electric Kettle User Manual

1.5 L Electric Kettle


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please read the manual carefully before operating your product. Retain it for future reference.

Important Safeguards

When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including the following:

  1. Read all instructions before using.
  2. Do not touch hot surfaces. Use the handle.
  3. To protect against fire, electric shock, and injury to persons do not immerse cords, plugs, or appliances in water or other liquid.
  4. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliances by a person responsible for their safety.
  5. Close supervision is necessary when any appliance is used by or near children.
  6. This kettle is not a toy. Children should be supervised to ensure they do not play with the appliance.
  7. Unplug from outlet when not in use and before cleaning. Allow cooling before putting on or taking off parts, and before cleaning the appliance.
  8. Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug or after the appliance malfunctions, or it is dropped or has been damaged in any manner. Contact Consumer Service for examination, repair, or adjustment.
  9. The use of accessory attachments not recommended by the appliance manufacturer may result in fire, electric shock, or injury to persons.
  10. This power base is designed solely for use with this programmable kettle.Do not attempt to use this kettle with any other power base. Do not use the power base other than intended use
  11. Do not use outdoors.
  12. Do not let the cord hang over the edge of the table or counter, or touch hot surfaces.
  13. Do not place on or near a hot gas or electric burner, or in a heated oven.
  14. CAUTION: To prevent the kettle from overturning, and to prevent damage to property or injury, always position the power base on a stable, level surface, out of the reach of children.
  15. To disconnect, press the ON/OFF button ( ) ensuring that the indicator light is off, then remove plug from the wall outlet.
  16. Do not use appliances other than intended use.
  17. Be certain the lid is securely in place before operating the appliance. Scalding may occur if the lid is opened during heating.
  18. Never use the kettle if the body or handle shows any signs of cracks or damage.
  19. Always attach the plug to the appliance first, then plug the cord into the wall outlet. To disconnect, turn any control to “off”, then remove the plug from the wall outlet.
  20. To reduce the risk of fire,a) do not place any heating or cooking appliance beneath the appliance.b) do not mount the unit over or near any portion of a heating or cooking appliance.c) do not store anything directly on top of the appliance surface when the appliance is in operation.
  21. To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not mount over a sink.


Additional Important Safeguards

This appliance generates heat and escapes steam during use.Proper precautions must be taken to prevent the risk of burns, fires, or another injury to persons or damage to property.

  1. All users of this appliance must read and understand this instruction manual before operating or cleaning this appliance.
  2. The cord to this appliance should be plugged into a 220-240V AC electrical outlet only
  3. Use water only in this appliance! Do not put any other liquids or food products in this appliance. Do not mix or add anything to the water placed in this appliance, except as instructed in the User Maintenance Instructions to clean the appliance.
  4. Be sure the kettle is filled with water to at least the MIN water level. Do not operate appliances without water (dry) or with an insufficient amount of water.
  5. Do not fill above the MAX water level. If the kettle is overfilled, there is a risk that boiling water may be ejected.
  6. To avoid accidental scalding or burns, use extreme caution while moving this appliance when it contains hot water, and while pouring hot water from this appliance.
  7. Keep appliance at least 4 inches away from walls or other objects during operation. Do not place any objects on top of the appliance while it is operating. Place the appliance on a surface that is resistant to heat.
  8. If this appliance begins to malfunction during use, immediately unplug the cord.Do not use or attempt to repair the malfunctioning appliance.
  9. If this appliance falls or accidentally becomes immersed in water or any other liquid, unplug it immediately. Do not reach into the water! Do not use this appliance after it has fallen into or has become immersed in water. Contact Consumer Service for examination and repair.
  10. Do not leave this appliance unattended during use.
  11. Always pour water into the kettle before plugging in and heating the appliance. Never pour water into a heated kettle.
  12. Do not block the steam from emitting from the spout during use.
  13. Do not place this appliance in a microwave oven.The provided short power-supply cord should be used to reduce the risk resulting from becoming entangled in or tripping over a longer cord. Do not use an extension cord with this product.This appliance has a grounded 3-prong plug. Connect to a properly grounded outlet only. Do not attempt to modify the plugin anyway.CAUTION: To prevent Plasticizers from migrating to the finish of the countertop or tabletop or other furniture, place NON-PLASTIC coasters or placemats between the appliance and the finish of the countertop or table top. Failure to do so may cause the finish to darken; permanent blemishes may occur or stains can appear.If the electrical circuit is overloaded with other appliances, your appliance may not operate properly. It should be operated on a separate electrical circuit from other appliances.

Part Name

Product may vary slightly from illustration

No. Description
1 Spout
2 Lid
3 Lid Release Button
4 Handle
5 Base

*3.Lid Release Button: Please press the back end of the button (back position )。

Before Using For The First Time

  1. Read all instructions carefully.
  2. Remove all packaging.
  3. Boil a kettle of water following the Operating Instructions described in this Instruction Manual.
  4. Discard the boiled water. Your kettle is now ready for use.

Operating Instructions

Do not immerse power base, power cord, or plug in water or any other liquid.

  1. Push the button on the handle to open the lid and fill the kettle with a minimum of 0.5 litres of water.DO NOT attempt to fill while the kettle is on the power base.DO NOT use for any purpose other than boiling water. Other liquids will contaminate the interior of the kettle.DO NOT fill past the MAX level indicated on the water level window of the kettle. Overfilling may cause water to spill out when boiling. To avoid the risk of splashing while pouring hot water, make sure the lid is securely closed onto the kettle before operation.
  2. Place the kettle on the power base making sure it is affixed securely.
  3. Plug the power base cord into a 120V or 220V AG wall outlet. The unit will emit an audible signal; the display screen will flash ‘C’ twice and display the current water temperature in Celsius.
  4. Automatic shutdown: In the standby state, the device will shut down all displays if there is no operation within three minutes.
  5. Heat preservation time: The time limit of heat preservation is two hours;
  6. Temperature selection:1. The range of heating temperature selection is 40-100°C.2. The range of heat preservation temperature is 40-90°C.
  7. Heating:1. While switching on, if the water temperature is greater than the set temperature, the device will stop heating and automatically enter the heat preservation state.2. If water temperature rises to set temperature, the device will stopheating and automatically enter the heat preservation state.
  8. Heat preservation:1. When water is boiling and enters the heat preservation state, the device will start timing of heat preservation;2. During heat preservation, the error between display temperature and actual temperature is required to be controlled within ±5°C;3. When (set temperature – 10) ≤ water temperature ≤ (set temperature – 2), the device will launch adjustable power heating (if the highest temperature is 1°C higher than set temperature during the previous heat preservation, the adjustable power ratio is 3/35; in other cases, the ratio is 4/25); Whenwater temperature > (set temperature – 10), the adjustable power ratio is 8/25.
  9. Mode selection:Button “ ”: Heat water to set temperature and automatically enter the heat preservation state;Button “ ”: Heat water to 100°C (boiling) and automatically enter the standby state;
  10. Temperature selection/ON-OFF:Button “ ”: Cyclical selection of set temperature: 40-50-60-70-80-90°C;Button “ ”: Enter the standby state by pressing it from the shutdown state, while enter the shutdown state by pressing it from the standby/operation state.• When the power is on, the default temperature target is 100°C or the temperature target during the operation in the previous time.• In the non-temperature setting state, press “ ” to display the current temperature target and enter the temperature setting state.
  11. Power-on display:When the power is on, the nixie tube is fully bright for around 0.5 seconds and the device enters the standby state.
  12. Temperature display:1. The device displays real-time water temperature in standby/heating state;2. When temperature selection/or operation begins, light always-on displays set temperature for about one second, but the device will display current temperature without any operation while the light flickers again for about 1.5 seconds; 3.In the heat preservation state, it displays set temperature (if watertemperature is lower than or equal to set temperature – 5°C, it displays real-time water temperature);4.No temperature display in the power-off state.
  13. Working status indication:1. The light will be always on when the #1 button is pressed and will be out after setting temperature displays;2. The light will be always on when water is heated to set temperature and enter the heat preservation mode;3. The light will be always on when water is heated to the boiling mode;4. The light will flicker in the standby state and will be always on in the working state.
  14. Function prompts:1. When the power is on, there will be a long sound;2. With a click on buttons, there will be a short sound;3. When heating and heat preservation finish, there will be two long sounds.With a click on the shutdown button, there will be a long sound.In the non-temperature setting state, clicking the button will make no sound.
  15. Kettle lift memory:If the kettle body leaves the base but is put back on the base within 30 seconds, the electric kettle status will be in line with that before it is lifted; otherwise, it will be in the standby state.
  16. Dry burning protection:After dry burning, the dry burning piece of the temperature controller will pop up and conduct automatic protection.
  17. Time-limited protection:If the boiling time s greater than or equal to about 15 minutes, the operation will be comprehensively finished; If the temperature does not rise in more than three minutes during water boiling,the device will enter the shutdown state.

Boil-dry ProtectionA safety thermostat will automatically turn the kettle off whenever the unit is without sufficient water, or if the kettle is allowed to boil dry. To reset the boil-dry protection device, remove the kettle from the power base and allow it to cool before refilling with water.

User Maintenance InstructionsThis appliance requires little maintenance. It contains no user-serviceable parts. Do not try to repair it yourself. Any servicing requiring disassembly must be performed by a qualified appliance repair technician.

Care & Cleaning InstructionsAlways unplug the kettle and allow it to cool before cleaning. Never immerse kettle, power base, cord, or plug in water or other liquids. Never use scouring pads or harsh cleansers to clean your kettle as they may damage the surface.

  1. Make sure the kettle is unplugged and completely cool.
  2. Grasp the handle and remove the kettle from the power base. If necessary, wipe the inside and outside of the kettle with a soft, damp cloth and wipe dry.
  3. Wipe the power base with a damp cloth.
  4. Make sure both the power base and kettle are completely dry after cleaning and before use.


Mineral deposits can form a scale coating inside the kettle and may cause an off-flavor in the water or lengthen the boiling time.

  1. Several descalers are available. Follow the instructions provided.
  2. As an alternative, use the white vinegar cleaning method:• In a spouted bowl, prepare a descaling solution of 3 cups white vinegar and 2 cups cool, clean water; pour into the kettle. Do not boil the solution, as it may damage the kettle.• Allow the solution to soak in the kettle overnight.• Discard the cleaning solution. Fill the kettle with cool, clean water; boil, discard and rinse thoroughly.• Repeat this procedure several times until the vinegar odor is gone.
  3. Use a damp cloth to remove any stains remaining inside the kettle.

Storing Instructions

  1.  Make sure the unit is unplugged and completely cool before storing.Never store the electric kettle while it is hot or still plugged in.
  2. Wrap the power cord around the cord storage area under the power base to store. Store kettle with lid and sealing ring securely in place
  3. Store the kettle in its box, in a clean, dry area.
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