MINN KOTA 1810258 Raptor Wireless Foot Switch User Guide

MINN KOTA 1810258 Raptor Wireless Foot Switch User Guide


  Auto Up Button

Single press to auto retract the anchor. Press and hold to continually retract the anchor. The anchor will continue to retract when the button is held until the button is released.

Auto Down Button

Double press to auto deploy the anchor. Double press and hold the second press to continually deploy the anchor. The anchor will continue to deploy when the button is held until it reaches its full range of operation or until the button is released.

Anchor Mode Button

Single press to display the current Anchor Mode. While the mode is displayed, continue to single press through the Anchor Modes to change them. This will toggle through the Anchor Modes of Normal, Rough Water, Soft Bottom and Auto Bottom. Normal Mode is identified when the Mode LED flashes between red and green. Rough Water mode is identified when the Mode LED flashes red and Soft Bottom when the Mode LED flashes green. Auto Bottom Mode is only available on the Pro Model and is identified by a Mode LED that flashes slowly from green to green and then red to red. On the Pro Model, the Anchor Mode button will also enable and disable Active Anchoring. Active Anchoring is engaged and disengaged by a single press and hold. When the Mode LED displays green it is enabled and when the Mode LED displays red it is disabled.

Speed Button / Anchor Selection Button

Single press to display the current operating speed. While the speed is displayed, continue to single press through the operating speed to toggle between slow, medium and fast. The Mode LED will flash red three consecutive times at the speed that corresponds with the selected speed. Pressing and holding the button will toggle the remote to control either the Port, Starboard or both anchors when two anchors are paired in the system. The Raptor Selection LEDs will illuminate to correspond to the anchor(s) selected. The right LED will illuminate when the Starboard anchor is selected and the left LED will illuminate when the Port anchor is selected. Both the right and left LEDs  illuminate when both anchors are selected.


Your new Raptor Foot Switch comes complete with all of the hardware you’ll need to install it directly to the deck of your boat. Please review the parts list, mounting considerations and tools needed for installation prior to getting started.

Installation Parts List

Item / Assembly

Part # Description



2 2383455 SCREW-#8 X 1.0″ PPH TY AB SS


Mounting Considerations

Before mounting your Raptor Foot Switch, please give consideration to the following:

  • Examine your boat to ensure that you will not drill into any obstructions and that the hardware will be accessible for assembly.
  • Make sure the area under the mounting location is flat, clear to drill holes and that the installation hardware will not damage existing components below the mounting surface. It may be necessary to shim or modify the mounting surface under the mounting location to create a flat area for the Foot Switch Pedestal to be mounted.
  • Mount the Raptor Foot Switch in an area that has a clear line of communication with the Bluetooth enabled Raptor(s) it is intended to control for optimum performance.
  • Mount the Raptor Foot Switch in an area where it will not become a tripping hazard

Tools and Resources Required

  • Pencil or similar marking tool
  • Drill
  • #2 Phillips Driving Bit


  • Review the Mounting Considerations to determine an acceptable mounting location. Once a location is selected, take the Raptor Foot Switch Assembly (Item #A) and remove the Pedestal from the Base by squeezing the Tabs on both sides of the Foot Pedal and pulling the Foot Switch and Pedestal apart.NOTICE: The Pedestal comes attached to the Foot Switch and needs to be removed for installation.
  • The Pedestal has three Mounting Holes that are used to secure it to the boat. The bottom side of the Pedestal has three Pads around the Mounting Holes. These Pads should be placed down, towards the boat when the Pedestal is installed. Position the Pedestal at the selected location and mark the Mounting Holes with a pencil or similar marking tool.
  • Double check the Mounting Location. Take the Screws (Item #2) and place one each in the Mounting Holes of the Pedestal. Make sure the Mounting Holes line up with the Marked Locations and then use a Drill with #2 Phillips Driving Bit to secure the Pedestal to the Deck of the Boat. Do not over-tighten.
  • Once the Pedestal is installed, take the Foot Switch and reattached it to the Pedestal. Make sure the Tabs on the Foot Switch click into place and the Foot Switch is fully seated on the Deck of the Boat.


  1. Retract the anchor on the Raptor Pump by pressing the Up button on the Raptor Indicator Panel. Once the Raptor is fully retracted, press and hold the Up  button and the Down button on the Foot Switch at the same time until the Raptor Selection and Mode  LED’s at the top of the Foot Switch begin to scroll. Then release them.
  2. Immediately press the Pair button on the Indicator Panel. The Pair LED on the Indicator Panel will flash blue  . The Raptor and Foot Switch will go into Pairing Mode for 20 seconds. If a signal with three fast beeps occurs, the Raptor and Foot Switch have successfully paired. If 20 seconds pass while in Pairing Mode and they do not successfully pair, an error tone will sound indicating that the pairing was not successful, and the Foot Switch will not be able to control the Raptor.
  3. If the Pair is unsuccessful, repeat the process.

NOTICE: For instructions on how to pair two Raptors and assign their Port and/or Starboard mounting locations, please refer to your Raptor Owner’s Manual.

Scan to view the complete Raptor Foot Switch Manual  online. The Owner’s Manual is available at minnkotamotors.com and includes information on compatibility, safety considerations, compliance, maintenance, parts and more.



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