MORPHEUS 360 1056657926 BT5750 Series Wireless Sound-Ring Portable Speaker User Guide

MORPHEUS 360 1056657926 BT5750 Series Wireless Sound-Ring Portable Speaker User Guide


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Package Contents

  • 1x Wireless SOUND-RING Portable Speaker
  • 1x Bicycle Mount
  • 1x AUX Cable (Ф3.5mm)
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1x Users Guide

Speaker Overviews


  1. Prior to first use, fully charge the speaker.
  2. Connect the included Micro-USB Cable to theMicro-USB port of the speaker, connect the other end to the USB port of a computer or USB adapter.
    SOUND-RING Indicator Battery Status
    Flashing Blue & Green Low battery(<10%)
    Solid Red Charging
    Red LED Turns Off Full charged

Note: When battery has less than 3% power remaining, the speaker will power off automatically

Power On

Press the button until you hear a rising tone and the LED indicators light on.

Power off

Press the button until you hear a decending tone and the LED indicators turn off.

Bluetooth connection

Make sure that the speaker is within 10 meter from your mobile device

  1. When your speaker is turned off, press and hold the button until you hear a rising tone and the LED indicators turn blinking blue.
  2. Go to the Bluetooth settings on your mobile device, search and select “BT5750” from the list of device(s).
  3. Once paired, the LED indicators turn solid blue.


  • When powered on, the speaker automatically reconnects to the previously connected device. (The speaker has memories of up to 8 paired devices.
  • The speaker will automaticaly shut down after 10 minutes if not in use.

Music Control

  • Play / Pause Click
  • Volume Down Click +
  • Volume Down Click
  • Next track Press and Hold +
  • Previous track Press and Hold
  • Switch Bluetooth mode/Aux-in mode Click

Speakerphone (in Bluetooth Connection)

  • Answer an incoming call Click 
  • Reject an incoming call Press and Hold 
  • End the current call Click 
  • Redial last-called number Press and Hold 

Bluetooth Disconnection

  • Press “+”, “—r buttons simultaneously until LED Indicator fast blinking blue to disconnect the current connected device, and go into new Bluetooth-paring mode.

TWS (True Wireless Stereo) FunctionThe TWS technology enables you to use two speakers pairing via Bluetooth to create a wireless dual-channel system to deliver true stereo sound effect.

TWS connection operation

TWS connection operation

  1. Place the two speakers near each other (the distanceshould not be over 10 meters).
  2. Power on the two speakers, double click the  button button on one speaker as MASTER speaker (playback left channel ), the LED indicator fast blinking blue and green, then the two speaker will pair to each other automatically (The other speaker will be as SLAVE speaker and playback right channel)
  3. Once paired, the MASTER speaker LED indicator slow flash blue.

Disconnect the TWS connectionPress“+ ”,_ “ ” button on one of the speaker simultaneously until LED Indicator fast blinking blue to disconnect the TWS connection.

Listening to music through AUX-in

  1. Power on the speaker.
  2. Using the AUX Cable, connect your external device to the AUX-in port on the speaker.
  3. The speaker will automatically turn into AUX-in mode, the LED Indicators turn solid green.NOTE: The control buttons do not work when connected in AUX-in mode.


  • Bluetooth® Version 4.2
  • Unit driver: 2*40mm
  • Output Power: 10W (2*5W)
  • Frequency Response: 160Hz-15KHz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 80dB
  • Battery Type: Li-Ion 2000mAh/3.7V
  • Playing Time: Up to 8 hours


  • Keep the speaker and its accessories away from the reach of children to avoid choking or strangling.
  • Keep the speaker away from fire, water, liquids, extreme heat, and strong magnetic fields to avoide damage to the device.
  • Do NOT use this speaker at high volume for extended period of time as this may cause permanent hearing damage or hearing loss.
  • Do NOT drop or knock the speaker on hard surface.
  • Do NOT use chemical or detergent to clean the speaker.
  • Do NOT scratch or scrape the product with sharp object.
  • Do NOT make unauthorized alteration to this product.


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