Motorola Solutions MTP6550 TETRA Rugged Portable Radio User Guide

MTP6550 TETRA Rugged Portable Radio

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Your Radio1

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Number 123 4 56 7 89 10 11 12 13

DescriptionEmergency button When the radio is on, press and hold to start emergency operations. When the radio is off, press and hold to power on in the Emergency Mode.Rotary Knob · Press and hold to lock/unlock it. · Rotate to set the volume. · Press and rotate to select a different talkgroup.LED Status IndicatorEarpieceProgrammable Side buttons The upper button activates Flip Display and the lower activates High/Low audio One-Touch Button. Your service provider may change the programmed functions of these buttons.PTT (Push-To-Talk) Press and hold to talk in simplex calls or initiate group calls. Release it to listen.Soft keys Press the left/right Soft key to select the option displayed above it.CALL key · Press to initiate or answer duplex calls. · Press to send messages. · Press in the home screen to enter the Recent Callsmenuitem.Slimport SpeakerKeypad Press to enter alphanumeric characters, or press and hold to activate One-Touch Button features.Bottom Microphone Activated during duplex low audio calls such as private calls.Bottom Connector Used for charging and programming the radio, and connecting data transfer cables.Antenna

Number 14 15 16 17 18 19 2022

DescriptionExternal Antenna Connector Used with the digital car kit to connect the RF signal to the external antenna.Top Microphone Activated during simplex high audio calls such as group calls.Side Connector Provides connection for accessories.Display Provides alphanumeric text and images within 65,536 colors and 240 x 320 pixels with scalable fonts and contrast.Menu key Press to enter the main menu (from the home screen) or the context-sensitive menu.EXIT key · Press and hold to turn on/off the radio.· Press to end calls.· Press to return to the home screen.Navigation key Press the Navigation key to scroll the list while moving around the menu, or to navigate the text.From the home screen, press:· Down Navigation key ­ to enter the Recent Calls menu item.· Up Navigation key ­ to change the My Groups talkgroup folder.· Left and right Navigation key ­ to browse through the talkgroups.Backlight Sensor By measuring the ambient light intensity, the keypad backlight sensor determines if there is a need to light up the keypad backlight.

Attaching the Antenna1 Align the bottom of the antenna and the screw-in base on the top of the radio. 2 Turn clockwise until snug. Do not force.

Installing the Battery1 Insert the battery into the compartment. 2 Slide the battery towards the top of the radio until it clicks.1 2Installing the MicroSD and SIM Cards1 Remove the battery. 2 Open the plastic compartment cover. 3 Slide the SIM card holder and lift it up (A). 4 Slide the microSD card holder and lift it up (B).

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5 Insert the microSD card (C) and close the microSD card holder. 6 Insert the SIM card (D) and close the SIM card holder.

7 Close the compartment cover. 8 Replace the battery.Turning the Radio On/OffTo power the radio on/off, press and hold . If the Covert Mode is activated, the radio powers on without visible and audible notifications.Holding Your RadioThe radio has two microphones: · A top microphone for simplex group, dispatcher, or private calls · A bottom microphone for duplex, telephone-like calls Simplex Calls When making simplex calls (high audio), hold the radio in a vertical position with the top microphone 5 to 10 centimeters away from your mouth. Speak into the top microphone. Listen via the radio internal speaker. Keep the antenna at least 2.5 centimeters from your head and body.

Duplex CallsWhen making duplex calls (low audio), hold your radio as you would a telephone. Speak into the bottom microphone. Listen via the earpiece. Keep the antenna at least 2.5 centimeters from your head and body.

Lapel/Shoulder UseFor group and private calls turn your head towards your shoulder/lapel, and speak directly into the top microphone. Listen through the internal speaker.Speakerphone UsePlace your radio 30­60 centimeters away from you. In a noisy environment, move the radio closer for better transmission.

Battery Capacity Information



80%­100% capacity

60%­80% capacity

40%­60% capacity

25%­40% capacity

15%­25% capacity



5%­15% capacity

0%­5% capacity

Status IconsIcon

Description In Service (TMO) ­ standard/extended icon No Service (TMO) ­ standard/extended icon Signal Strength ­ standard/extended icon High RF Power ­ standard/extended icon Direct Mode Using Gateway Repeater Mode Emergency Scan Priority Scan



Battery Level

Battery Charging

All Rings Muted

Simplex Ring Muted

Duplex Ring Muted


Low Audio

High Audio

Earpiece Connected

New Message Has Arrived

New Message(s)

Packet Data

Radio Keys Locked




Invalid MicroSD Card

USB Connected

No Active Bluetooth Connection/Bluetooth Active

LED Status Indicator


Status In use

Charging Status Battery fully charged

In service

Battery charged at 90%

Out of serviceConnecting to a network Entering DMOTransmit inhibit in service Channel busy in DMO

Rapid charge Faulty or invalid battery

Incoming private or phone call Battery waiting to charge

Switched off

Unlocking Your RadioYour radio may be locked at power on. To unlock it, enter the PIN code at the prompt. By default the code is set to 0000. Your service provider may change this number before you receive your radio.

Locking/Unlocking the Keypad

To unlock/lock the keypad, press

and then


Using the Radio Menu








8Press: 1 ­ to enter the menu. 2 ­ to select a menu item. 3 ­ to return to the previous level. 4 ­ to return to the previous level. 5 ­ to exit the menu. 6 ­ to scroll up. 7 ­ to select a menu item. 8 ­ to scroll down.

Personalizing Your Radio

From the home screen, press

. Go to More . . . Setup. Go to a menu item

you would like to modify (for example, Vibrate, Tones, or Display) and select the

preferred settings.

Activating Covert Mode

1 From the home screen, press


2 Select Security Covert Mode.

3 Select On to enable or Off to disable the Covert Mode.

Selecting TMO/DMO1 From the home screen, select Optns. 2 Select the required mode.

Making TMO/DMO Group Calls

1 Enter TMO or DMO.

2 From the home screen, use the target talkgroup.

or the rotary knob to highlight

3 Select Select (if configured).

4 Press and hold PTT.

5 Wait for the talk permit tone (if configured) and talk.

6 Release PTT to listen.

Making TMO/DMO Emergency Calls1 Enter TMO or DMO. 2 Press and hold the Emergency button. The emergency alarm is sentautomatically (if configured). 3 Press and hold PTT. 4 Wait for the talk permit tone (if configured) and talk. 5 Release PTT to listen. If using the Hot Mic feature, wait for the Emergency MicOn message to appear on the display, then talk without pressing PTT. 6 To exit the Emergency Mode, press and hold the Exit soft key.

Making Simplex Private CallsIn DMO1 From the home screen, dial a number. 2 To make the call and talk, press and hold PTT to talk (wait for the talk permittone if configured). 3 Release PTT to listen. 4 Press to terminate the call.In TMO1 From the home screen, dial a number. 2 Press and release PTT to make the call. 3 Wait for the called party to pick up.

4 Once the call is connected, press and hold PTT to talk (wait for the talk permit tone if configured).5 Release PTT to listen.6 Press to terminate the call.

Making Duplex Private Calls/Phone/PABX Calls1 From the home screen, dial a number. 2 Press and release . The ringing sounds. The called party answers. 3 Press to terminate the call.To answer an incoming call, press .

Activating Transmit Inhibit Mode

In the Transmit Inhibit Mode (TXI) the radio sends no radio transmissions and only emergency calls are allowed.

1 From the home screen, press


2 Select Networks TXI Mode Activate.

Sending Text Messages

1 From the home screen, press


2 Select Messages New Message.

3 Enter your message and select Send.

If you want to change the default text input, for example, use symbols or

numbers, press

and select Entry Mode. The available options are:

· Primary ­ basic alphanumeric characters

· Numeric ­ numbers only

· Symbol ­ symbols only

· Secondary ­ alphanumeric characters including diacritics

If you want to change the input method, press Setup. The two available methods are:

and select Entry

· TAP ­ enter letters, numbers, and symbols by pressing an alphanumeric key one or more times

· iTAP ­ let the radio predict each word as you press an alphanumeric key

4 Select Private or Group.

Sending Status Messages

1 From the home screen, press


2 Select Messages Send Status.

3 Perform one of the following actions:

· Highlight the required status message and select Select, or press PTT button.

or the

· If the status list is empty, enter a 5-digit status message number and select Send.

Pairing Your Radio with Bluetooth Devices

Pairing is a process that creates a link between two Bluetooth-enabled devices. Once paired, devices remember each other and every subsequent connection between them is authenticated automatically.

1 From the home screen, press


2 Select Bluetooth Scan for Accessories.

3 Highlight the required device and select Pair.

4 If needed, enter a PIN code or a passkey.

Sending Files by Using Bluetooth

1 From the home screen, press

2 Perform one of the following actions:

· To send any file you received, select Bluetooth My Received Files.

· To send an image you captured, select Pictures View.

3 Highlight the required file and press


4 Select Forward (received files) or Send (captured images).

5 Perform one of the following actions:

If… If the paired devices list is empty,If the required recipient device is present on the paired devices list, If the required recipient device is not present on the paired devices list,

Then… wait until the radio displays the list. Highlight the device and select Select. highlight the device and select Select.refresh the list by selecting Search. Highlight the device and select Select.

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Looking after Your Radio· Never leave your radio or battery in extreme temperatures (over +85 °C), for example, behind a windscreen in direct sunlight.· The radio is submersible (compliant with the IP67 standard) ­ but only with the battery and the antenna attached.· To clean your radio, use a moistened or antistatic cloth.


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