motorola TC-610 Portable Two-Way Radios User Guide

motorola TC-610 Portable Two-Way Radios User Guide


RF Energy Exposure and Product Safety Guide for Portable Two-Way Radios


Before using this product, read the RF Energy Exposure and Product Safety Guide that ships with the radio which contains instructions for safe usage and RF energy awareness and control for compliance with applicable standards and regulation.


Exposure to loud noises from any source for extended periods of time may temporarily or permanently affect your hearing. The louder the volume, the less time is required before your hearing could be affected. Hearing damage from loud noise is sometimes undetectable at first and can have a cumulative effect. To protect your hearing:

  • Use the lowest volume necessary to do your job.
  • Turn up the volume only if you are in noisy surroundings.
  • Turn down the volume before connecting headset or earpiece.
  • Limit the amount of time you use headsets or earpieces at high volume.
  • When using the radio without a headset or earpiece, do not place the radio’s speaker directly against your ear.

NOTE: For radio to detect the accessory properly, turn the radio off before connecting the audio accessory to the radio.


180 DAYS LIMITED WARRANTYManufacture warrants enclosed product against defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for 180 days provided it is  returned in accordance with this warranty. If defective, the product will be repaired or replaced at manufacturer’s option, at no charge, with dated proof of purchase. This warranty does not cover defects or damage resulting from: Misuse, improper operation, unauthorized modification, liquid, batteries, or normal wear and tear.


  1. Turn OFF your radio before connecting the audio accessory.
  2. For VOX (Voice Activated Transmission) accessory, set the PTT selector switch to  PTT for normal remote PTT function OR to VOX position when using a VOX enabled radio (refer to diagram below).
  3. Turn your radio ON, and lower the volume before placing the earpiece to your ear. Adjust the volume to a comfortable listening level.
  4. Adjust the microphone close to your mouth (about 3 cm) for maximum audio transmission.
  5. To transmit (without VOX), press the remote PTT button. To receive (without VOX), release the remote PTT button. To transmit (with VOX-enabled radio), speak to the microphone. To receive (with VOX-enabled radio), stop speaking.

Caution:DO NOT set the PTT selector switch to VOX for non-VOX enabled radios. This causes your radio to continuously transmit and no incoming messages are received!


Motorola Solutions radios that are VOX enabled allow you to turn your radio on, after connecting the accessory and communicate hands free without the need to press the PTT. Expect a brief delay, between the time you start talking and when your radio starts transmitting. To enable VOX, turn your radio OFF, set the PTT selector switch to VOX and turn your radio ON again.

NOTE: Refer to the radio owner’s manual for additional information.

Radios with this “Digital Symbol” are digital capable radios and require the use of accessories with the same “Digital Symbol”. These accessories with the “Digital Symbol” have been optimized for digital audio Transmit and Receive. Use of non-approved accessories may result in degradation of audio quality.

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