Motorola TPG2200 Advisor User Guide


Controls and Indicators

  1. Lanyard Holes
  2. Lock Key
  3. Battery Cover
  4. LED Message Indicator
  5. Power/Sleep/Wake Button
  6. Soft Keys
  7. Mute/Shortcut Button
  8. Speaker
  9. LED Status Indicator
  10. Display
  11. Menu Key
  12. Up Navigation Key
  13. Down Navigation Key
  14. USB-C Connector
  15. Home Station Connector

* The LED indication and flashing pattern can be configured in the Customer  Programming Software (CPS).

LED Message and Status Indicators

Indication Message LED Status LED ChargingStatus
Solid green Not applicable In use Fully Charged
Blinkinggreen Not applicable In service 90% Charged
Solid red Not applicable Out of service* Rapid Charge
Blinkingred Not applicable Connecting to a networkEntering DM0 Faulty or InvalidBattery
Solid orange Not applicable Transmit Inhibit in serviceChannel busy in DMO Not applicable
Blinkingorange Not applicable Not applicable Battery waitingto charge
Blinkingblue MessagelCall Outreceived or missing* Not applicable Not applicable
No indication Not applicable Pager powered off Not applicable

Battery Capacity Information

Getting Started

Removing the Battery Cover

  1. Slide the Lock key to the left to unlock the battery cover.
  2.  Lift up the battery cover.

Attaching the Battery Cover

  1.  Insert the bottom part of the battery cover into the slot.
  2. Press down the top part of the battery cover.
  3.  Slide the Lock key to the right to lock the battery cover.

Installing the Battery

  1. Insert the bottom part of the battery into the compartment.
  2.  Press down the top part of the battery into the compartment until it clicks.

Looking After the PagerNever leave the pager or battery in extreme temperatures (over +85 °C), for example, behind a windscreen in direct sunlight.The pager is not submersible (compliant with the IP54 standard, only when the battery cover is attached).To clean the pager, use a moistened or antistatic cloth.


Using the Terminal

Turning the Pager On/OffTo turn the pager on/off, press and hold the Power button.Changing to Sleep or Wake ModeTo change the pager to sleep/wake mode, press the Power button.When the pager is in sleep mode, the display is turned off and the keypad is locked.Using the Pager MenuTo enter the menu, press the Menu key.To scroll through the menu, press the Up or Down Navigation key.To select a menu item, press Select or the Left soft key.To return to the previous level, press Back or the Right soft key.To exit the menu, press and hold the Menu key.Adjusting the Volume in Idle ModeWhen the Pager displays the idle screen, press the Up or Down Navigation key to adjust the volume.Using the Programmable ButtonsThe Up and Down Navigation keys also function as programmable buttons.When the Pager displays the idle screen, press and holds the Up or DownNavigation key to apply the function of the programmable button (if configured).

Selecting Trunked/Direct Mode OperationFrom the Home Screen, enter the Menu. Scroll to and selectNetworks → Trunked Mode or Direct Mode.Receiving Call Out MessagesTo accept, press the Left soft key.To reject, press the Right soft key.To temporarily mute the Call Out alert indication, press the Mute button.To see more options, press the Menu key.

More Information on the RadioVisit the Motorola Solutions Web site at: Experience PortalUser documentation is available at: Source Software Legal NoticesAvailable in Customer Programming Software Plus (CPS Plus) DVD.

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