Mpow isnap x2 Selfie Stick Tripod PA197A User Manual


Selfie Stick TripodMpow isnap x2



  1. Phone Holder
  2. Aluminum Alloy Rod
  3. Remote Control
  4. Handle
  5. Tripod
  6. Support Frame


Long press the camera key for 2s until the green light flashes. Turn on the wireless function on your phone and select “Mpow isnap X2”, the green light off if paired successfully.

Tips: Long press the camera key for another 2s to turn it off.


Rotate the phone holder 180° to the front of the selfie stick

Unfold the folded side of the phone holder

(1) Tightly push the clip to the right to mount your phone and make sure it is securely clamped.

Tips: Please avoid blocking the side button of your phone.

(2) Extend the Rod.

Unfold the tripod and push the center column upward until the tripod is fully expanded and stable. Place it on the flat surface to take photos.

Push the remote control up to take it out

Tips: Remove the insulating strip before use

Tips: Please make sure you’ve set your phone’s volume button as the shutter.

Battery Replacement

When the power is low due to long-term use, tightly push the battery cover of the upper part of the remote control upward to replace the new button battery


  1. The remote control will automatically sleep and the light turns off after 2mins if without any operation, just click the camera key to wake it up.
  2. The remote control will automatically off after 30mins if without any operation, and you need to press the camera key for 2 seconds to turn it on.

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