MUNBYN Counterfeit Detector User Manual

MUNBYN Counterfeit Detector



Thank you for purchasing our products. The IMC02 is the best solution for the banknote counterfeit detection.This user manual describes the operation steps and precautions for this product. In order to improve the use and working efficiency of the product, please read this manual carefully before using, so as to operate the product accurately. Please contact us if you encounter any problem.We reserve the right to change the contents of this user manual at any time without notice.

Packing Open and Installation

When you receive the package, open and check the packing list in the package.


Power Supply

DC Power: Connect the power adapter to a 110V or 220V outlet, then connect the terminal to the machine’s DC12V input socket.Lithium Battery (optional) : When the battery was fully charged, the machine can work without power adapter.

Operating Instructions

Turn on the IMC02 by switch the power switch button to on, the screen will light up and the machine will start self-testing. If the self-test is successful, the number of banknote and the denomination will show as ‘0’.Turn off the IMC02 by switch the power switch to off. When the screen lights off, it means the machine has been turned off successfully.

Button Functions

CUR/DIRThe CUR/DIR button is used to choose the currency or the banknote exit direction.

Choosing the CurrencyIn the detection mode, the IMC02 will recognize the currency type automatically, so pressing “CUR/DIR” button cannot choose the currencies manually. In the report mode, press the button to choose the currencies to check the report detail.

Choosing the DirectionKeep pressing the button about 2 seconds until you hear the “di” sound, then release the button. The direction indicator will be changed.The denotation of direction will be shown on the top part of the display. Up means the genuine banknote will go out from exit and down means the genuine banknote will retreat from the feeding hopper.

REP/CLRPress the button to check the pieces of each denomination, keep pressing the button for about 2 seconds to clear the records.

After finish detecting banknotes, press “REP / CLR” to enter report mode. Display will show the currency type, pieces of each denomination and total value. You can switch to another currency by pressing “CUR / DIR”. While checking the record, if you feed banknote, the detector will automatically exit the report mode.

Inserting the Banknote CorrectlyAs shown in the following pictures, please insert the banknotes in; the left side. If a banknote was incorrectly inserted, the IMC02 may refuse it and alert.

EUR/GBP Currency Detecting

As shown in the following figures, please remove the banknote feeding limit block to adjust the banknote with bigger size.


E01 Length exceedsE02 Length alarm Please check whether the banknote is in good condition and place the banknote to the left again. If the alarm continues , length calibration is required.E03 Half a banknote Please check if the banknote is complete.E06 Double banknote Please put in only one banknote.E07 Tilted banknote Please put the banknotes to the left.E 10 Failed to refund Please check if your banknotes are too old or too soft.E11 Basic image error This may be a counterfeit currency. Please check whether the banknotes are damaged, severely wrinkled, or dirty.E40 UV Please turn on the machine and clean the inside of the machine before checking banknotes. If the error continues, it means that the UV module has been damaged.

Inaccurate Detection of Currency Detector

There are several conditions to affect the accuracy of the currency detector.

  1. The bill size is out of the range according to IMC02 specification.
  2. The banknote is damaged with different ways such as lack of corner, tape, hole, tear and folded. As shown in Figure 4-1, it is not recommended to count this kind of bills.
  3. Other abnormal operation or there is unknown thing inside the IMC02.If something inside the IMC02, you need to open the front cover to check, and clean the internal sensors.

Technical Parameters

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