MYTEK Brooklyn Bridge Streaming DAC and Amplifer User Guide

MYTEKBrooklyn Bridge

Streaming DAC and Amplifier


The Brooklyn Bridge is a streaming device with D/A and analog section inherited from our best selling Mytek Brooklyn DAC+.Follow these guidelines to enjoy your favourite music collection.

Place the Brooklyn Bridge (aka BB) on flat and open surface.Now you need to decide what network connection you want to use: wired via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi 2.4G.


  1. Connect Ethernet cable to the socket or attach included Wi-Fi antenna
  2. Optionally connect the BB outputs to your system
  3. Connect the BB to power outlet – it will start automatically If you connected Ethernet cable please wait until ethernet icon will show up Done – you are connected to network via Ethernet cable!The following steps only apply to a Wi-Fi connection
  4. Push a knob to go to menu screen
  5. Find “Network” tile by turning a knob clockwise
  6. Wait until “Network” tile is not greyed out
  7. Select it via corresponding button
  8. Turn a knob to select your local 2,4G Wi-Fi
  9. Select connect tile on BB (4th button)
  10. Enter your Wi-Fi password• Turn knob to change character on selected position• Use arrows (1st & 2nd buttons) to change cursor position
  11. Select connect tile on BB (4th button)
  12. Wait up to one minute. You should see information that the BB is connected to your network
  13. Push a knob to exit to menu.Wi-Fi icon will appear on the screen and show quality of your wireless connection

Done – you are connected to Wi-Fi!

Playing Music From Network

Using with a dedicated mobile application

Dedicated mobile application enables streaming from following sources:

  • Qobuz
  • Deezer
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • Phone/tablet local storage
  • USB storage connected to BB
  • UPnP device (i.e. NAS, server) in your local network
  1. Connect your phone/tablet to the same network as BB
  2. Install/get mconnect Control app provided by Convers digital for free from Google Play or Apple App store.
  3. Open mconnect Control app
  4. Select “Play to” icon (right down corner)
  5. Select your BB from the listNote: Now you will see mconnect starting screen again but in this time on the top of the app your BB name will be displayed. You connected your phone/tablet to BB!
  6. Select “Browser” icon
  7. Choose place or music service you want to play music from
  8. Optionally please login to your account if you’re asked for
  9. Select file and enjoy your listening experience

Using with Spotify

Spotify is able to control streaming to BB from its application

  1. Connect your phone/tablet to the same network as BB
  2. Open Spotify app
  3. Select track you want to play
  4. Select  “Devices Available” on the track bar
  5. Select “Devices Available” on the bottom of the screen
  6. Select your BB from the list and enjoy your listening experience

Using with Roon

BB is a Roon Ready device and it works as “output” in Roon architecture You can find more information at

  1. Connect your PC/Mac/phone/tablet to the same network as BB
  2. Open Roon/Roon Remote app
  3. Open menu
  4. Select Settings
  5. Select “Audio”
  6. Find your BB in “Networked” devices list
  7. Enable your BB. It will create “Audio zone”
  8. Optionally you can set name for created“Audio zone”
  9. Close settings window
  10. Select newly created “Audio zone”
  11. Select file and enjoy your listening experience


Thank you for choosing the Brooklyn Bridge from Mytek.All the best, The Mytek Team


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