naxa NE-970 True Wireless Bluetooth Headphone & Charging Case Operation Manual

naxa NE-970 True Wireless Bluetooth Headphone
& Charging Case Operation Manual


Congratulations, and thank you for choosing Naxa’s True Wireless Bluetooth® Headset & Charging Case. This manual will help you operate your new device, but first you should familiarize yourself with the Bluetooth functionality of your mobile phone or other external devices before using the Naxa True Wireless Bluetooth® Headset & Charging Case.

Safety Rules
  1. Please follow the rules depicted in this manual closely to ensure your safety. Before using the product, we would strongly encourage you to read through this user manual.
  2. Be wary of any edges, uneven surfaces, metal parts, accessories and its packaging to prevent any possible injury or damage.
  3. Do not modify, repair or dismantle the product. Doing so may result in fire, electric shock, complete breakdown of the product, etc. All of which are not covered under warranty.
  4. Do not use any diluent or volatile liquid to clean the product.
  5. Do not use the product in a hazardous location.

Package Contents

Product Diagram

  1. Charging Case
  2. Charging Outputs
  3. Earbud Charge Ports
  4. Touch Button

How To Use

General Functions

Pairing to a mobile phone

To use your Bluetooth ® headset, you must first pair the TWS with a mobile phone. Once your Bluetooth ® headset is paired with a mobile phone, they will remain paired and automatically recognize each other whenever they are within range.

Pairing to a Bluetooth ® Enabled Mobile Phone
  • Turn on your phone and ensure the Bluetooth function is activated.
  • Turn on the earbuds and initiate a device search on your phone via the Bluetooth settings menu.
  • Search the Bluetooth ® devices on your phone by following the phone’s instructions. Refer to your phone’s user manual for more information.
  • After a few seconds the phone will list the “NAXA NE-970” as a discovered device. Select it and follow your phone’s instructions to establish a connection.
  • The blue LED light flashing every 4 seconds means that the pairing was successful.

NOTE:When TWS is on: LED light is Blue.When TWS is off: LED light is Red.In pairing mode: Left earbud flashes Blue quickly & right earbud flashes blue every 4 seconds.

Charging your headset

Place the earbuds in the charging case. The earbuds will begin to charge automatically.

  • While charging, the LED indicators on the earbuds will be Red.
  • When the earbuds are completely charged, the LED indicators will turn off.
  • When the batteries are low, you will hear a notice sound.

NOTE: The headset will automatically turn off if there has been no Bluetooth connection with your mobile phone for 10 minutes.

Charging the charging case

Use the included micro USB charging cable to connect the charging case to your computer’s USB port or another USB-compatible power source. The charging case will automatically turn on and begin to charge.

  • While charging, the LED indicator will flash.
  • When the charging case is completely charge, all LED indicators will be on.
Product Specifications
  • Battery (Earbud) — 50mAh each
  • Battery (Charge Case) — 500mAh
  • Power Dissipation — 18mAh/h
  • Chipset — LanxunDP8812
  • Version — 5.0
  • Wireless Source — Bluetooth®
  • Play Time — 2.5 hours
  • Charging Time — 2 hours for earbuds
  • Charging Time — 2.5 hours for case


  1. Why is there no power even when the Headset is turned on?Ans: Ensure the battery has been charged up to 2 hours for initial use.
  2. There is no sound during playback.Ans: Check the connection between the headset and the phone or computer. If the connection is not established, please connect again. Make sure the headset is paired with an external Bluetooth ® enabled device.


If you have problems with your device, please consult the instructions in this manual. Please also visit us on the web at to get up the minute news, alerts, and documentation for your device. For additional assistance, please contact Naxa Technical Support.

NAXA Technical Support2320 East 49th St.Vernon, CA 90058

Keep All Relevant Information for Future Reference.

naxa NE-970 True Wireless Bluetooth Headphone & Charging Case Operation Manual – naxa NE-970 True Wireless Bluetooth Headphone & Charging Case Operation Manual –

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