Nespresso D90 User Manual

D90Instruction Manual

Please read this Instruction Manual and the safety instructions before operating the appliance!

  1. First use or after a longer period of non-use


Remove plastic film         Fill water tank              Place a container

Plug into mains + switch ON


Heating up         Ready            Let water run through

No water see 8b

2. Daily: before the 1st coffee


Fill water tank with fresh water    Switch ON          Heating up    Ready

3     Espresso   Lungo



Preheat cup: 1 cup of water                        Insert capsule

Flow speed depends on coffee variety

Eject capsule (drops into capsule container)

4. Daily: After the last coffee


Switch off                      Empty capsule container + drip tray

Rinse and empty water tank

5. Clean: When necessary

Damped cloth, cleaning agent mild

6. Empty system: After long period of non-use, for frost protection and after repair


Switch off        press, hold and press 3 x


  1. Open                          Close
  2. push and hold for 3 secs.

Machine switches off automatically and is blocked for 10 min

7 Descaling

Carefully read safety instructions on decalcifi er package.Decalcifi er is aggressive to surface of casing.Vinegar: Danger of damage

Water hardness          Descale after

fH  dH36  20          30018  10          6000    0            1200     



Remove capsule          Empty capsule container + drip tray

If leakage see: 8d

Rinse machine, see 1

b. Fill with Nespresso descaler and 0.5 l water                                                     Place a recipient

1. Lift lever, 2. insert filter, 3. close lever


Avoid using vinegar as it can damage your machine.

c. Press both buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds

Let descaling solution run through twice

Refill water tank once more with descaling solution and repeat step


d. Remove filter

  Empty, rinse and fill water tank with fresh water

Rinse machine, see 1

  Exit: press both buttons simultaneously for 3 secs

8 Troubleshooting

a. No indication

Check mains: plug, voltage, fuse. In case of problems call Nespresso Club

b. No coffee, no water

  • Water tank empty –> fill water tank
  • Venting

1. Open + 2. push and hold for 3 secs

Water comes        Close

  • Descale, if necessary –> point 7

c. Coffee not hot enough    Preheat cup, descale if necessary

d. Capsule area leaking (water in capsule container) Position capsule correctly. If leakage: call Nespresso Club

e. Irregular interval blinking Send machine to repair or call Nespresso Club


220 – 240 V, 50 Hz, max. 1260 W

max. 19 bar

~3 kg

1 L

5 C … 45 C

              16.6 cm    25.2 cm        29.1 cm

Optional Accessory

Nespresso descaling kit

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Safety precautions

Keep this instruction manual

This appliance may become a safety hazard if these instructions and safety precautions are ignored.

• Emergency: Immediately remove plug from power socket.

• This product has been designed for domestic use only. Any commercial use, inappropriate use or failure to comply with the instructions, the manufacturer accepts no responsibility and the guarantee will not apply.• Remove plug from socket if not in use for long periods – holiday etc.

• Check that the voltage quoted on the rating plate is the same as your voltage.• Connect the appliance only to power sockets with protective earth. The use of incorrect connection voids warranty.

• Place on a flat, stable heatresistant work surface away from water splashes and any heat sources.

• Do not use the machine if it is not operating perfectly or if or if there is evidence of damage. In such cases inform Nespresso Club.

• Always close lever, never lift during operation.• Do not put fi ngers into capsule compartment and capsule shaft, danger of injury.• Do not use appliance without drip tray and drip grid.• Keep appliance/cord out of reach of children.

• Do not place power cord by hot parts or sharp edges, etc.• Never touch cable with wet hands.• Do not unplug by pulling the cord.• In case of damage, do not use the appliance. In order to avoid danger have repairs and replacement of power cord only by Nespresso Club.

• Do not open appliance and do not put anything into openings.• All operations other than normal use, cleaning and care must be performed by Nespresso Club.

• Children may never use the appliance without close adult supervision.

• Before cleaning/care unplug the appliance and let it cool down.• Never clean wet or immerse plug, cord or appliance in any fluid.

• Descaling:7c) Do not lift lever during descaling process.7d) Rinse the water tank and clean the machine to avoid any residual descaling agent.

• Packaging is made of recyclabe materials.

• Environment protection first! Your appliance contains valuable materals which can be recovered or recycled. Leave it at a collection point.

Nespresso D90 User Manual – Nespresso D90 User Manual –


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