NetComm Casa Systems NF18MESH – Restore Factory Default Instructions

NetComm Casa Systems NF18MESH – Restore Factory Default Instructions


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About Factory Resets

A factory reset on the NF18MESH returns all settings to the default settings as they were when shipped from the factory. Important ­ It is particularly important to perform a factory reset after upgrading the NF18MESH firmware to ensure the firmware installation is completed correctly.

Factory Reset Methods

There are two methods that can be used to perform a successful factory reset:

  1. Use the NF18MESH’s graphical user interface (GUI) to complete a factory reset.
  2. Manually perform a factory reset using the reset pinhole at the back of the NF18MESH.

This guide will explain both methods to complete a successful factory reset.

Web Interface Factory Reset

  1. Log in to the Web InterfaceOpen a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox), type following address into the address bar and press enter. or the following credentials:Username: adminPassword: <The password printed on the back of the modem>then click the Login button.NOTE ­ Some Internet Service Providers use custom password. If login fails, contact your Internet Service Provider. Use your own password if it is changed.

Restore Default Settings from Web interface

  1. Click on the Advanced menu on the left-hand side of the screen, then click on the Configurations option in the System group.Tools ­ Navigate to Advanced Configurations
  2. To reset the NF18MESH to its factory settings, select the Factory Reset radio button and click the Restore Default Settings button.NF18MESH ­ Restore Factory Default Settings Guide FA01256 v1.0 23 June 2020Restore Default SettingsNote ­ You may also perform configuration Backup and restore configuration from this page.
  3. A pop-up dialog box will prompt: “Are you sure you want to restore factory default settings?”Reset command confirmation dialog
  4. Click OK to confirm the reset.
  5. The NF18MESH will reboot.
  6. After the NF18MESH has rebooted you will need to log in to the NF18MESH using the default

credentials printed on the sticker and re-enter your broadband connection settings such as your ADSL/VDSL User ID and Password, etc. Please use the Quick Start Guide to set up your router.

Manual Factory Reset

  1. Ensure the NF18MESH is powered on.
  2. On the back side of the NF18MESH, there is a small hole in the plastic with the word “Reset” printed above it.
  3. This is the recessed reset button: Back panel of NF18MESH showing Reset pinhole
  4. Insert the end of a paper clip or other rigid, thin piece of metal into the Reset pinhole and depress and hold in for 10-12 seconds.If this does not happen:
    • Disconnect the power supply cable for 30 seconds and then reconnect it.
    • Then depress the Reset button and hold in for 10-12 seconds.
  5. The NF18MESH is back to its factory defaults, you now need to reconfigure the broadband settings via the user interface.Note ­ If you had previously backed up your configuration, you can now restore your settings by uploading your .config file.
  6. To reconfigure the broadband settings:
    • Open a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox), type into the address bar and press Enter.
    • At the login screen, type the User Name and the Password as printed on the sticker and click Log In>.
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