NETGEAR Nighthawk 2.5 Gbps Ultra-High Speed Cable Telephony Modem CM2050V User Guide

Quick Start2.5 Gbps Ultra-High SpeedCable Telephony ModemModel CM2050V

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  1.  Turn off and disconnect existing modems and routers.If you are replacing a modem that is currently connected to your home, unplug the modem and plug the new cable modem into the same outlet.
  2. Use a coaxial cable to connect the cable port on the cable modem to a cable wall outlet.Make sure that the cable is tightly connected. We recommend that you connect your cable modem directly to a cable wall outlet.If you must share the connection, use a 3.5dB (1 to 2) splitter.
  3. If you have Xfinity Voice, connect your phone to the Tel 1 porton the cable modem with the phone cable.If you subscribed to two phone lines, connect the other phone to the Tel 2 port.Note: The Tel 2 port only works for a two-phone line subscription.
  4. Connect the power adapter to the cable modem and plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet.The cable modem might reset multiple times when it is powered on.
  5. Wait for the Online LED to light solid white.This process might take up to 10 minutes. When the cable modem comes online, the Online LED stops blinking and lights solid white.After 10 minutes, if the Online LED doesn’t light solid, make sure that the cable outlet is working or call your Internet service provider (ISP) to make sure you have service.Note: When the Online LED lights are solid, your cable modem is not connected to the Internet yet. You must connect a router or computer to your cable modem and then activate your cable modem with your cable Internet provider.
  6. Connect a router to your cable modem.a. Connect the Ethernet port on the cable modem to the WAN or Internet port on the routerb. Power on the router.c. Connect your computer or mobile device to the router.
  7. Collect this information about your Internet service and the cable modem:• Your Xfinity account number and the personal information associated with your Xfinity account (you need one of the following):– Mobile phone number– Xfinity user name and password• The following information from the cable modem label:– Model number, which is CM2050V– Serial number– MAC address– MTA MAC address
  8. Activate your Internet service:a. Close all web browsers.b. Launch a web browser.You are redirected to the Xfinity self-activation page. If you are not redirected to the Xfinity self-activation page, visit Provide your Xfinity credentials and complete the self-activation process.This process might take up to 10 minutes, during which the cable modem reboots twice.If you’re unable to activate your Xfinity Internet service using the self-activation page, call Xfinity customer service at 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489).

Cable modem LEDs

LED Description
Power • Solid white. The cable modem is receiving power and is functioning normally.• Off. The cable modem is not receiving power.• Solid red. The cable modem is too warm and might overheat.
Downstream • Solid amber. One downstream channel is locked.• Solid white. Two or more downstream channels are locked.• Blinking white. The cable modem is scanning for a downstream channel.• Off. No downstream channel is locked.
Upstream • Solid amber. One upstream channel is locked.• Solid white. Two or more upstream channels are locked.• Blinking white. The cable modem is scanning for aupstream channel.• Off. No upstream channel is locked.
Online • Solid white. The cable modem is online.• Blinking white. The cable modem is synchronizing with the cable provider’s cable modem termination system (CMTS).• Off. The cable modem is offline.
Multi-Gig Ethernet The LED color indicates the speed: blue for a 2.5 Gbps Ethernet connection, white for a 1 Gbps Ethernet connection, and amber for a 100 Mbps Ethernet connection.• Solid. A powered-on device is connected to the port.• Blinking. The port is sending or receiving traffic.• Off. No device is connected to this port.
Tel 1 and Tel 2 • Solid white. The Tel 1 or 2 port is online.• Blinking white. The Tel 1 or 2 port is processing a call or the phone is off hook.•Off. The Tel 1 or 2 port is not in use.


Thank you for purchasing this NETGEAR product. You can visit to register your product, get help, access the latest downloads and user manuals, and join our community. We recommend that you use only official NETGEAR support resources.For regulatory compliance information, visit the regulatory compliance document before connecting the power supply.Some cable devices might not be compatible with certain cable networks. Check with your cable Internet provider to confirm that this NETGEAR cable modem router is allowed on your cable network.If you are experiencing trouble installing your cable modem, contact NETGEAR at 1-866-874-8924.Note to CATV System Installer- This reminder is provided to call the CATV systems installer’s attention to Section 820-93 of the National Electrical Code, which provides guidelines for proper grounding and in particular, specifies that coaxial cable shield shall be connected to the grounding system of the building, as close to the point of cable entry as practical.

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