NETGEAR Nighthawk M5 5G Mobile Router User Guide

5G Mobile RouterM5Quick Start

What’s in the box

  • Nighhawk M5 5G Mobile Router
  • Battery cover
  • Battery
  • USB Type-C cable
  • AC power adapter
  • Quick start guide

Get to know your Mobile Router

Install the battery

  1. Insert the battery.
  2. Install the back cover.The battery is partially charged. To fully charge it, connect the USB cable to the mobile router and then plug it into either:•A wall socket, using the wall charger (faster charge option)• The USB port on your laptop

Note: The SIM card must be activated with a data plan with your operator.

Set up Your Mobile Router

  1. Press and hold the Power button for two seconds.To better safeguard your network, the first time you turn on your mobile router, you are asked to set up your login credentials.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to customize your mobile router settings.

Home screen

The Home screen displays the mobile router’s WiFi network name and password.The network indicator lets you know which wireless network you are connected to.Note: The appearance of your home screen depends on the model.

Connect to the Internet

Note: The mobile router’s Home screen displays the WiFi network name and password.The screen goes dark to save power. Press and release the Power button to wake the screen.On your laptop or another WiFi device

  1. Open your WiFi network, connection manager.
  2. Find your mobile router’s WiFi network name (NTGR-XXXX) and connect.
  3. Enter your mobile router’s WiFi password.
  4. Launch your Internet browser.

Change the WiFi band

  1. On the home screen, tap the WiFi icon.
  2. Tap Band.
  3. Select the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, or dual WiFi band.

LCD Settings

View or change the settingsOn the home screen, tap the Settings icon.


For additional information, visit regulatory compliance information including the EU Declaration of Conformity, visit to access the full user manual and to download firmware updates.See the regulatory compliance document before connecting the power supply.

LCD WiFi Manager

You can manage the WiFi network and change the WiFi settings from the LCD screen.Change the WiFi network name and password

  1. On the home screen, tap the WiFi icon.
  2. Tap WiFi and then select from the available WiFi networks.
  3. Tap WiFi Name and enter your changes.
  4. Tap WiFi Password and enter your changes.


You can use a browser to view and change the mobile router settings.Log In

  1. On your mobile router, go to the LCD Settings screen, tap the More icon. Then tap Device Information and look for the WiFi Manager URL.2. On the WiFi device that is connected to your mobile router, type the WiFi Manager URL in the browser bar.3. Log in as administrator. The default login is printed on the product label.

Download the NETGEAR Mobile appUse the NETGEAR Mobile app to change your WiFi network name and password. You can also use it to play and share media, and enable the travel router feature.

  1. Connect your mobile device to the Internet.
  2. Download the NETGEAR Mobile app from

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