NEXTECH Miniature DV Camera Instruction Manual

NEXTECH Miniature DV Camera

Product features

  • FULL HD1080P
  • Compact design, portable handheld device
  • Under low illumination, HD video recording can be performed
  • Video resolution:1280X720P
  • Video resolution:1920X1080P
  • Image resolution:12M(4032X3024)
  • Motion detecting video:720P and 1080P
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Support up to 32 GB Micro SD Card
  • Support TV OUT TV monitor video connection
  • Built-in lithium battery making recording up to 100 minutes


Operation Instruction


Please charge the device before using as it has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. It can be charged by the following ways:

  1. Connect computer to charge via a USB cable.
  2. Can be charged via a USB 5V adapter or a power bank even while recording.
  3. Red light flashes when being charged. Solid red light means charging finished. (Please charge 30 minutes more when red light turns solid to ensure the battery is 100% full)


  • when the battery is insufficient, or T recorded in the card is full, DV red and blue light will flash for 5 seconds then go into protection mode (saving the file and automatically shut down) recording file has been saved, at this time, please charge the unit in time.
  • When turned on without a card installed, red and blue lights flash for 5 seconds before shutting down automatically.
  • No operation for 1 minute after turned on, the device will shut down automatically.
One cable with three functions:

USB with TV cable 1: Can connect to a computer for charging and data transmission between the computer and the device.USB with TV cable 2: Can plug into TV OUT to display on a monitor.USB with TV cable 3: Can connect DV 5V charger while recording.

720p video recording without flashing:Hold down the ON/OFF button for 1 second to turn on the device. The blue light is solid on and this indicates the status is in 720p recording mode.

Record 720p videoAfter turning on into 720p record mode, press ON/OFF button, recording begins with the blue light being off; Press power button again, recording stops and the blue light is back on indicating the status being back to standby for 720p recording.

1080p video recording without flashing:In 720p recoding mode, press Mode button once, then both red and blue lights are solid on, indicating that it is in 1080p recording mode. Then press the ON/OFF button once again, the red light will flash 3 times with the blue one staying solid light and then both red and blue lights go off. This indicates that 1080p video recording begins. Press power button again, recording stops and both red and blue light are back on indicating the status being back to standby for 1080p recording.Note: All the above recording will be stored to a series of 5-minute video files and do loop recording.

Image Capture Mode:After just turning on, press twice Mode button to enter into capture mode with only red light being solid on. Each press to the ON/OFF button will trigger one photo-taking with the red light flashing once simultaneously. An image will be stored automatically.

Infrared lamp on and off:On: boot up to any standby mode, hold down the ON/OFF button for 2 seconds with the red light flash twice, infrared night vision lamp is on and can record in night vision mode now.Off: in any standby mode, hold down the ON/OFF button for 2 seconds with the red light flash three times, infrared night vision lamp is off.

Motion detecting mode(720P-1080P)720p motion detecting: in blue light standby mode, hold down mode key for 3 seconds, red light flashes three times then goes off. This means motion detecting video mode is enabled. When motion being detected, both red and blue lights flashing means 720p motion recording.

1080p motion detecting: in the red and blue lights standby mode, hold down the mode button for 3 seconds, red light flashes three times then goes off. This means motion detecting video mode is enabled. When motion being detected, red and blue lights flashing means 108p motion recording.Note: All the above recording will be stored to a series of 5-minute video files and do loop recording. (Pressing on any button will cancel the motion detection recording)

Filling record:With a TF card installed, connecting to an external USB 5V power supply will make the device directly begin 720p video recording, until TF card is full or power supply is cut off or any manual operation interrupts.

TV OUT mode:Connect to a TV via the USB TV cable, the device can be operated to take photos and videos, motion detection record as the above described.

Reset:Use a pin to press the button inside the Reset port to reset the device.

Power off:In any standby (video, pictures, motion detecting) mode, hold down ON/OFF button for 6 seconds or so to shut down the device. Or in any standby mode, the device will automatically shut down in a minute if there is no operation.

Edit time watermark on recording:The device will automatically create a TXT file in the TF root directory. Connect to a computer via a USB cable, on a removable disk to open the TIMEREST.txt file, which is editable for preferred time format and with or without time watermark on the recording. Refer to the following format:

  1. 20150608192526 Y (time watermark display)
  2. 20150608192526 N (no time watermark display)


  • Please ensure a T-flash (Micro SD) card is installed, otherwise, the device can’t work normally.
  • To get correct and clear pictures or stable recording, please use the product in sufficient lighting conditions and keep the camera a distance of more than 50cm from objects.

Connect to computer: The device can be connected directly to the computer, used as a USB disk.


  • After the machine to connect the computer, if the computer can’t identify, or still did not pop up in 30 seconds removable disk logo, please reset to plug again.
  • Suggest using the T card reader directly read the video files to play, and play directly by USB connection in the video file, in this video recorder built-in memory maybe because the data volume is too big, transport couldn’t keep up with, to play not smooth.

Relevant Parameter

Item Relevant Parameter
Video format AVI
Video coding M-JPEG
video resolution 1280X720P 1920X1080P
Video frame rate 30 fps
Player software general video player software
Picture format JPG
Image proportion 16:9
Support system Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista;Mac os;Linux;
Battery capacity 200mAh
Working time About 100 minutes
Charging voltage DC-5V
interface type Mini 8Pin USB
Storage support TF card
battery type High capacity polymer lithium electricity

Note: After each use of the battery recharging, it takes about 2-3 hours or so to completely filled with filling, each full red and blue lights all 30 minutes again, as far as possible after the battery full use.Because of this product is a real HD high DV, product consumption current is bigger than general please, use zinc alloy shell material, and when using the product may have some hot state belongs to the normal phenomenon, don’t have to worry about bad products appear, is a long time after aging test to ensure that product quality problems before shipment.

Matters Needing Attention:Use occasions: please strictly abide by the relevant national laws and the product may not be used for any illegal purpose, otherwise the consequence is proud. Working temperature: please use under natural temperature, do not work in the human body can not adapt to the temperature Working humidity: please use under suitable for human living environment humidity, please do not put product in damp working environment, the product does not have waterproof function, please keep this product pour water or exposed to rain water

Shooting illumination: please have adequate light source under the environment of use, do not use such as super light source, camera directly into the sun to avoid optical device is damaged.

Cleaning: do not use in excessive dust density environment, in order to avoid the Lens and other components from dust, impact camera effect Waste treatment: please pay attention to environmental protection, do not throw this product. Forbid throwing this product in the fire, so as to avoid explosion.

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